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Scum Toolbox 1


Looks good but to me The Slave Trade seems slightly out of place in a scum deck this aggressive. Unless you get Xizor or Ephont early I don't see this deck holding the force easily. I like pilot Bob's pod for the extra blast, capture and of course the 5-2 objective. Enjoy!

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Jul 20 2016 11:50 PM

Yes, you might well have a point about The Slave Trade. Was trying to go for a mix of offense and defense with the deck, and the Galactic Scum are a great source of cheap tactics, but it's true that there's not much force-holding capability to really make the most of the objective and the Slaver Holding Cells.


I've only played with it once so far, it lost narrowly to a strong Jedi deck, but I was overall pretty pleased with how it held up. Will play a few more times with it and consider tweaking it depending on how things go. Thanks for your input!