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Sith Supremacy


I started playing this game very soon after it came out, but I ended up stopping for a while because there wasn't enough players at the store that I go to. However, back when I did play regularly, my favorite deck was my Sith control deck. It was pretty simple; it just had The Emperor's Web x2, Fall of the Jedi x2, Council of the Sith x2, The Heart of the Empire x2, and Cruel Interrogations x2. I loved that deck. I was always so much fun to play and very consistent. When I finally got all the new packs and spent the time to look through all the new Sith sets, I saw some really good candidates to refresh my Sith control deck. However, as I'm typing this, I'm just realizing how good of an addition to this current build Cruel Interrogations would be because of its synergy with The Questions. I would probably take out both Fall of the Jedi...

You'll need some more resources in there.

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Yes, I forgot that's what Council of the Sith was in there for. I just don't know what to take out...

I took out the 2 Fall of the Jedi and added 2 Cruel Interrogations. Now the only cards above 4 resource cost are 2 Palpatines. It's not ideal, but it's better, I think.

I think you have to choose what you want to do, because as it stands your deck is getting diluted for attempting to do too much.


If you want to build around The Questioning, drop The Reawakening. 


If you want to build around The Reawakening, drop Questioning and Cruel Interrogations. Then you have space for Counsel and Vader once again, making it easy to play Lyn for free thanks to Dark Precog, and you'll get huge amount of bonus damage out of Vader with all the events. I like 1x Counsel and 1x Bureaucracy even better in such a build, because you'll have less 0-pip cards to mess up with Give in to your Anger, plus Sate makes it easy to set up any combo you may want, like Precog + Lyn.

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That's a great idea. Thanks a bunch! I really appreciate it.