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Walker Assault

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I like your version of this deck.

I have played walkers ever since I started playing the game, and I have constantly switched out different pods.

I would suggest maybe replacing one of both Protect the Generator.

Here are a few of the pods I have used in the past:

     Might of the Empire: Gives you a free resource card and a Tractor Beam.

     Sabotage in the Snow: Gives you two Forward Command Posts, which have resources and gives shielded vehicles extra blast.  Plus, having another copy of Battle of Hoth allows you to clear damage and more Force pips. 

     Shadows on the Ice: Another Battle of Hoth, plus 2 copies of Succumb to the Cold, which locks down opponents during their turn.

     Entrenched Defense: Early  Warning System frees up vehicles for defense (and has a resource), and Fleet Repairs is huge. 


Just some suggestions.  This deck looks cool.

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Walkers are going to be strong again when the next pack hits!

Kiramode proposed funny version to test in new episode of yoda's hut.

It has kuat , icetrompers and single counsel of the sith.

As I personaly would try sabotage in the snow instead of counsel (no twitsts though :/ ), I would give a chance at least icetrompers.