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All of the Tactics


What did you have in Obi's place before Trust in the Force's release, and what does Obi bring to the table? Is he there primarily for the two-resource objective?

Oh man, this may be a long one. I've been using Chirrut in Obi's place to great success. In short, both bring different tools to the table. Obi acts as a cohesive glue for a few different pods and helps augment a developed board state while Chirrut is a straight compliment to BTS Luke and can have a more immediate effect. It's probably best to compare all the cards from both pods side-by-side.


Objective: As I previously mentioned, I really want to be able to play a War Room on T1 without a tempo loss and having four 2-resource objectives allows me to do that (I can also get Obi on the table if he's my only option). That being said, Trust in the Force isn't bad. I'd rather have MTF on the table but Trust in the Force is not a bad tool to have if I either don't draw MTF or draw into 3 Jedi objectives. It's saved my bacon before.


Main: This can go either way because they're both bringing something different. Obi's a great unit for a lot of different reasons (two tactics, great Force-holder, two buffs that are easy to trigger) but he's just adding redundancy to a deck already loaded with tactics. In addition, he can double-strike with Cassian but that probably won't happen if he hits the board first since he'll most likely be on the Force. Chirrut though is an offensive powerhouse that is similar to BTS Luke in that he's hard to tap down (DS needs to put 4 Tactics on him if they don't want him to refresh). But, I already have a few offensive units in BTS Luke, Dodonna and Ghost and if I'm running double Obi I have 4 Allies to give myself more power in key offensive engagements.


Chud: The Mystic is a really solid chud; it's hard to say no to a cheap tactic with two health (you can also reduce his cost with Pushing). I'm not fond of the Settler because I'm usually pretty harsh towards living resources and only having a white bomb is pretty mediocre. That being said, I should test her before writing her completely off (the Influence could be nice and she becomes a non-limited 1/1 with Pushing out).


Enhancement: So both the Robes and the Lightbow are great for BTS Luke because they give him more cheap ways to double-strike. I'm really fond of the Lightbow; it makes both Luke and Chirrut even more deadly on offense and it's solid in edge if I don't find it at the right time. Obi's Robes are a mixed bag in this scenario; although they allow Luke to double strike they don't give him any additional icons and if I don't find it at the right time it's only worth 1-pip. But, it's worth playing on any unit provided I can wait a turn to reap its full effects because increased reserve is nothing to scoff at. 


Event: I can't really comment on the Dragon Howl until I play it but I most likely see it as just a two-pipper in edge. Unfortunately, it's got nothing on Stunning Blow which is easily one of the best events in the game. It's really clutch and always takes DS off guard. In addition it's very easy to trigger with 4 Heats and Luke's ping. Chirrut's event is the clear winner here.


Fate Card: Regardless of who you go with, having 4 of a great fate card is nothing to scoff at. I've said multiple times that having 4 Allies can really give your offensive strikes some extra power at the cost of having a developed board state. Having 4 Heats though is nuts for removal applications. They're immediate, don't require a developed board state and are really crucial for Stunning Blow. The argument for which is better can go both ways honestly.


So yeah, both bring different tools to the table. My style of deckbuilding has a huge emphasis on doubles and I wouldn't recommend splitting Chirrut and Obi because both have tools that I really want to see double of. It's just a matter of seeing what you like best!

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From your description, it looks like Chirrut is good if you want to hit hard and fast, while Obi is good if you want a slow game. I like playing the slow game, and I like the strike economy Obi provides, but I generally find it hard to justify deploying a five-cost main or playing an enhancement with no immediate benefit. I suspect I'd also regret losing Stunning Blow; it's one of the few tricks in a deck that is otherwise all about board state.


I'll be curious whether you favor this version or the original after you've gotten games in.

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I had similiar deck in mind ( copied your version with chirrut, was going to alter it  :P ) and there is one thing I would consider(I will test it when I get force pack).
It seems to me that there is not enough enhancements for Luke to make him as valuable as he could be. Not sure about robe... I mean, it is cool that it boosts reserve and in key moment you can discard it from Luke, but as you mentioned it doesn't give him anything else. Having card that boosts your value just to discard it doesnt seem very appealing to me.

I will either try to switch Luke for something else(Yeah, missing bike will hurt the concept of this deck) or I will try to sneak another pod in. Putting another pod (Like these mystics with niman training) seem to be hurtful for Obi so I bet that I will try with changing Luke for something else firstly :)
Hard to find as good mix of big hit and tactics though.

This is FANTASIC!! Thank you for sharing!

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Four 1-drop enhancements is really the magic number for Luke. Admittedly I'm spoiled on the Lightbow and his Saber but don't forget that at the end of the day he's looking to strike twice and the additional combat icons he may get from a weapon are irrelevant (you'll end up doing 3 damage to something when you count the ping anyways). His whole pod is just an extreme amount of offense and I can tell you from experience you won't find another Jedi pod that can match his aggression.