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Hoth Speeders


I had a lot of options while making this deck, but I ended up going with this build in the end. I originally had Echo Base Defense and Frozen Refuge in here, but I really wanted to add A Hero's Resolve because of the extra speeders (yay Attack Pattern Delta) and the awesome Luke. There are so many different combinations you can do with this deck theme of Hoth Speeders and to be honest, I think all of them are viable. This build that I chose I think is more on the aggro side because of the maximum number of speeders to be targeted with Attack Pattern Delta. I really like Echo Base Defense and Frozen Refuge because they have really good defensive cards, but they take away from the synergy of Attack Pattern Delta. Honestly, I guess you could just look at this deck as an Attack Pattern Delta combo deck.

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Try running Heroes of the Rebellion in this deck. There's plenty of targets for Ready for Takeoff, and Wes is awesome--especially if you get him early with a Hoth Gambit in play. Tycho isn't as good unless you find his Fighter early, but he's decent on foot with Survival Gear and can really help your Speeders stick around if you do find Rogue Nine. 

I like that. That's a good idea!

Heres my old speeder deck and you can compare and contrast what you like and dont like:


Smuggler faction:


1x defense of yavin 4

2x hoth operations

1x echo base defense

2x prepare for evacuation

2x attack pattern delta

2x hoth gambit


9 of 10 hoth locations makes subzero defense an awesome card.  You hardly even have to worry about counter attacks with it in play and the wilderness fighters in the same pod are awesome.  Hoth gambit gives u alot of damage removal and influence on the force which rebels tend to lack.  As long as you dont put yavin location in play, you've got 3 to the force with it out there and an event that can take out a main in one hit.  Attack pattern delta and hoth operations are pretty self explanitory in a speeder deck.  Prepare for evacuation gives you the all important protect vehicle units as well as a useful location.  One nice touch is that you also have 6 battle of hoth fate cards which are great for healing and for edge.  The yavin location is in there for the resource, astromech, and of course the rebel assault.  Its a good pod in any vehicle deck.  I agree with pantsyg that adding a heroes of the rebellion might be good as well.  The yavin pod is probably the one I would switch out in my version for that.  Keeping it all hoth locations on the table is very useful in my setup

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Awesome feedback! Thanks so much, I really appreciate it.

I highly, HIGHLY recommend two Hoth Gambits. It is easily the best way for Hoth Decks to take the force, and it has made some of my opponents absolutely cry. Also, I would change to Rebel Affiliation. You have two Prep for Battle and two Jedi Pilot Luke. You WILL get resource locked out of Rebels more often than you will like. you have literally TWO Jedi cards in your entire deck, why resource lock the majority of your deck for two cards? The rest of the Jedi pod is all neutral. Also, if you do pull a Hero's Resolve, you are going to play it because it is the best objective in your deck besides Hoth Gambit. So I strongly advise Rebel Afil.

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