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I Like to Hear Myself Talk

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Jun 17 2018 09:42 PM

Thanks for all your labor into this deck archetype. You've made the game better with your focus. 

Jun 18 2018 11:53 AM

Was a nice read and a great take on falcon/jedi.  Are you just joking about the "25% of the time 3 jedi objectives on the flop"?


My calculations put the probability closer to like 3%.  

What I mean by that is that out of the 4 objectives that you draw at the beginning of the game, 3/4 will be one affiliation (i.e. you'll end up playing 2 Jedi objectives and 1 Smuggler objective). That'll happen about 25% of the time.


The odds of drawing 4 Jedi objectives on the flop (i.e. completely locking you out of Smug resources) is about 3% theoretically although it feels like it's happened a lot more in practice!

Yep, the odds of getting at least 3 Jedi objectives in your first 4 when you run a 5/5 split (like 5 Jedi/5 Smuggler) is 55/210 or about 26.2%


The odds of completely getting locked out in this situation and drawing 4 Jedi objectives is 5/210 or about 2.4%.


When you run the 6/6 splits (like 6 Jedi/6 Rebel), the odds of drawing 4 Jedi to start and getting completely locked out is 15/495 or about 3 %. 


The odds of getting at least 3 Jedi in your first 4 in that situation is 135/495 or about 27.3%

Jun 18 2018 09:56 PM

but what is the significance of getting 3 out of 4 jedi objectives (when your affiliation is jedi)?


You're not actually locked out.  Rather you're limited to just 1 Smuggler card per turn.  

Which isn't a good place to be at. A lot of your power plays are going to require 2 yellow money for resource matching purposes. And in the context of this deck it probably means I'm playing a dud Jedi objective. 

Jun 19 2018 12:55 PM

Ok I understand now.  Thanks for the explanations.


I'm always super scared of a full resource lock out.  But looking at the jedi objectives (Heroes Trial + Watchers in the Wasteland) agreed that having that many jedi objectives flopped may very well be a bad thing.