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Its A Trap


Nov 06 2017 06:59 PM

Needs lots of help. Any suggestions????

Does it have edge problems or is it to much of a combo deck?
Nov 07 2017 04:15 PM

Does it have edge problems or is it to much of a combo deck?

Have not tested it yet. I am hoping that edge may not be problem because of all the switching out from field to hand. This is just first very rough draft. I'm sure there is a way better deck for this theme, I just haven't thought about certain pod synergy yet. If you have any suggestions, I'm game. That is why I post. I want feed back.

Nov 07 2017 08:47 PM
Hey, Superdave40, 
1) The Edge Battle: 
Let's start with the basics. Your edge is at 88, a B+ IMO, but I always count a Twist as worth 3 on average, so I would count your edge at 91, A-. In a deck with as many combat tricks as this one, your edge count matters a bit less. To back up those tricks with 91 edge is very nice. Additionally, Lak Sivrak and Falcon are edge (1).  
Saving units in hand to bounce does eat into your edge count, but you have many resources to compensate. Dice Ibegon obviously allows you to set up an attack strategy, giving you vital information before you make your decisions. Your 9 fate cards are amazing. Seeds and Twist are excellent trump cards when you don't have enough pips. "Stunning Blow" combines with heat to focus out enemy units as well. Events like Bamboozle, Clever Distraction, Swindled and Unseen Sabotage are all about getting your units through without worrying about edge. I'm always looking for ways to punch through without winning the edge. You've got that capacity in this deck. Another factor in this vein is that half of your blast is black, and nearly 3/4 of your guns are black. 
2) The Economy
Your resources are a bit more dicey, though managable. Three resource enhancements is definitely atypical. All of them are "slow" in some sense. A 2-2 resource is good, but you have to foucs out two of your objectives to put into play. Double focusing it again means waiting an additional turn for the investment. The Necessary alliances are merely 2-1, offering "influence" which seems less valuable in a 6-4 deck than in a 5-5 or 6-6. These will help, however when you need to play one of your 4 costing events. 
Spark, when its out and hitting, absolutely mitigates most of your concern about resources. The idea with Spark is moving your top card when its a dud. What resources do you have in your deck to move the top card? Unseen Sabotage x2, Smuggling Compartment x1, and Asteroid Sanctuary x1. These will not be all that common, but they will help. 17 Sparkable units means that 1 card out of 3 will hit. That sounds pretty good to me. Maybe you won't have to move the top card as much as with other decks. 
Kanan Jarrus will be a great "elite" resource to have out, and he pairs very will with Cloud City operatives and Bamboozle (use him as a resource and then move the token to an enemy unit). Or just use him twice with Kanan'a concentration to get 3 resources out of him. 
"Trust in the Force." is economy, vital insurance against Targeted Strike, Sith & Scum tricks, etc... When your opponent spends 3 to remove your main, and it is replaced with another main, or if your opponent dedicates his targeted strike unit to an attack which does not really change the board state, you gain a lot of tempo in the resource battle. This, of course, only applies to your jedi units, of which you have 8. 
3) Combat Tricks
I've mentioned some of these already, but I noticed that the reaction on Bait and Switch has two parts, the first ends in a period. That part does not require the second, "You MAY put...". So, you don't have to put in another non-smug-chud. Just send in your 2 cost Cloud City Op, threatening to focus out their main defender. When they declare defenders, bounce her back to hand for the next opportunity to use her effect all over again. DS defenders focus out and there are fewer defenders on the board to stop your next assualt. 
As long as you reserve your Sparks for the combat phase, you can get the most mileage out of bothan spy, cloud city operatives, and wolfman scouts. After confirming with Children, Use Dice and then after defenders are declared, spark your unit in. You can also swindle your focused out Mystic and Trust in the Force to drop in a Cloud City Operative or Wolfman Scout. 
4) Force Struggle
You have one 3-pip ELITE unit who can take the force and double refresh, Chirrut. Kanan is psuedo-elite, but also your best resource. There's a bit of concern here about taking force and keeping your units freed up. Lak should attack and though Dice is nice, she's not elite. This is certainly an attacking swarm deck, so taking force is not as important. You can also free up your force cards on smug units by bouncing them with Bait and Switch. If you decide on more of a 5-5 split on your affiliation and gain the extra refresh on your affiliation card, your concerns about Elite will be lessened. 
5) Overall
Without playing this deck, it is difficult to say if it will work like you want it to---the left-right KO with spark and switch. It will make the opponant's combat math very difficult indeed. The possible Lak Sivrak, Wolfman Scout and Raise the Stakes combo is incredible. Dealing 2 damage to every objective is plain bonkers. Pulling this off is not far fetched with the amount of combat tricks available in this deck. The real test would be, as Kiramode points out, if your deck pulls off all the combos you want it to, and you see all the cards you were hoping to, and you don't win, the idea just doesn't work. It may need streamlining, it may need refining, you'll just have to play it to find out. 
-with great respect for your decks, I look forward to playing against it. 
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Nov 08 2017 06:59 PM

Gotals may try and find a home in here as well?????

Nov 08 2017 09:00 PM

IDK. I always thought they worked better in a Master's Domain / Forgotten Masters build due to FM's forced reaction and MD's fate card, The Jedi's Resolve

Nov 09 2017 06:04 PM

yea too dependent on LS.