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Knights of the Old Republic


This deck has no resources beyond Asteroid Base. None of the objectives have two resources, so that will make it difficult to play Obi. It'll also keep you from playing Kyle or Ferus and using Hero's and Legends or the Jedi Mind Tricks in the same turn. Since Obi is the only you have to deal with multiple units at once, you might have trouble countering aggressive decks or breaking through walls.

Consider replacing one of the Outcast or Obi pods with the Obi from Between the Shadows, which includes a resource, an event that can focus down any unit, and a main who can wreck multifaction decks if you have Force Users (you do). You might also think about adding The Survivors. I don't know much about the Star Wars universe beyond what's in the original trilogy, but I suspect Rahn would be a great fit for the theme. His pod also comes with Force Rejuvination, which is extremely powerful.

not a good deck

and you don' make decks for theme base

Life's take = 🔥🔥🔥