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The Ewok Deck

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Sep 01 2014 10:24 PM
Been looking at a deck to inspire since I returned to Star Wars. This is most definitely it.
Sep 03 2014 08:25 PM
Used this deck today. A single Ewok took out two objectives and shrugged off an AT AT. 10/10.
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Asteroid Base and Native Support are so brutal together. This deck does things it has no right doing. I love the puzzle of trying to figure out how to maximize damage with this deck.


And Ferus' droids are pretty dangerous.


It's probably pretty meh without Asteroid Base, but luckily everything is so cheap you can dump your hand every turn to dig for it.

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Yeah, Utinni! and Explosive Charge are pretty brutal against this deck unless you have Ferus or Core C-3PO on the table. Very hard to actually win the game without that bonus objective damage.

I will say from experience that I am pro 2x Prep for Battle because it creates some truly monstrous denial if LS can maintain the force. 


If you start with that objective and get a few shields on the board.. or even worse a Trust your Feelings on a shielded unit..it is an extremely tough battle for DS.


My only argument is that the deck seems to need more scary mains so you aren't relying on the shield tricks *too* much.