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Yoda/Luke Mains


Apr 20 2015 10:01 PM

I've built a really similar deck before and the problem ends up being just getting units with blast damage out there. I know a giant stacked luke is fun and great but consider dropping 1 Core Luke for something that will support the life of crow, or a big stacked luke or Yoda. 


The new Jedi set "The Survivors" is great, or a C3P0 to help cancel sith lighting, or even a Jubba birds to help you win those fights you need to. 8 Copies of only 2 cards limits you to much. 

Personally not a fan of 2x Master's Domain. You already got You Seek Yoda to fetch the more appropiate version anyway, and the very amazing Yoda's Hut is unique, so one is enough.


Not sure what to recommend though, as Jedi have plenty of good sets to choose from. Heroes and Legends works nicely with so many Lukes and Yodas. Secrets of Yavin IV is all around great protection against all type of threats. The wolfsmen in Balance Obi's pod are very annoying with their edge, blast and recurssion ability. 

Aug 13 2015 07:33 PM

Having now tested it, I think Hero's Beginning is just WAY too good as a pod. Between Owen, Moisture Vaporator, Unfinished Business, and just the objective itself, this pod is hilariously strong.