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Imperial Navy

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  Deck Name Deck Teaser Rating Author

Aerial Support

  Imperial Navy
A trooper assault backed up by some imperial star destroyers to pound the LS into rubble. ----- Tzhan

One if By Land

  Imperial Navy
Trooper and Walker deck built to March on to Victory ***** Euphius

Prepare your men for a surface ATTACK

  Imperial Navy
Robot Camels ****- Squishagnome

The Galactic Empire

  Imperial Navy, Sith
Palpatine, Executor, Tarkin, Motti ----- FATMUSICGUY

Fighter Scum

  Imperial Navy, Scum and Villainy
Fighter captures of Scum with the support from the Navy Fighter pods ----- Anta


  Imperial Navy, Sith
----- kilbil

Imperial Army v2

  Imperial Navy, Casual, Theme
This is my main DS deck. The only drawback I see is that the S&S Unblockables has a field day with it. Other than that, I think it's solid and consistent. Will take any and all tips and hints to make it better. ----- blobb

Navy/Sith -core and darktimes deck 1

  Imperial Navy, Sith
First attempt at building a deck with 1 core set and Dark times ----- ProfessorDinosaur

Capital Ships

  Imperial Navy, Aggro
Play big capital ships and destroy... Really really powerfull.
If they're controlled or destroyed by events at the beginning of the game, it could be difficult to overcome !
----- LoloBaro

Minions of the Dark Side

  Sith, Imperial Navy
----- Magni

Executing Sith

  Sith, Imperial Navy
Executor for Devastator. What does it look like ----- Anta

Battle on Hoth

  Imperial Navy, Aggro, Theme
----- darthsemmemon

Imperial Navy - Core Set

  Imperial Navy
----- Shadin

Sacrificial Victory

  Imperial Navy, Sith, Aggro and 1 more...
----- DWilkins

Devastating Sith 2.0

A new rendition of Devastating Sith, only replacing Vader with Executor. Surprisingly, it works. ----- bmtrocks

Navy & Sith Hoth Control

  Imperial Navy, Sith
Combining Sith and Navy forces for Hoth! ----- mikado


  Imperial Navy, Sith, Fun
i just wanted to do a 60 card deck ----- kilbil

Dark Hoth

  Imperial Navy
----- mjt

Capital Ship Deck

  Imperial Navy
----- celyosa

Trooper Bloopers

  Sith, Imperial Navy
Has a percentage of wins against Smuggler's Den! ----- Ironswimsuit

Texas Ranger

  Imperial Navy, Aggro
----- Toqtamish

Sith Fist

  Imperial Navy, Sith
The standard Sith Control with Vader's Fist... ----- JustinMcBride


  Imperial Navy, Aggro, Control and 1 more...
Just wanted to post an idea I had with the Unstoppable Advance... ----- JustinMcBride

Navy Big Ships

  Imperial Navy
Big ships with lots of ways to get them out quick ***** CataractCowboy

Unnamed Deck???

  Imperial Navy, Sith, Experimental
----- kilbil

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