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Capital I

Imperial Navy
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    I run something very similar to this.  I find that it generally works reasonably well, but is sometimes extremely inconsistent in the early game.  It all comes down to resources and getting early game units out on the field.


    I've personally replaced the 2x Dark Time for the Rebellion.  The effect on the objective is awesome, but the units are "meh" at best.  I replaced them with 2x Imperial Command for several reasons:

    • 2 resources on the objective, helps get big ships out fast
    • Adm. Motti provides 2 resources every turn or makes a big capital ship highly resistant to tactics
    • Heavy Stormtroopers make excellent blockers since they can do 2 unit damage, which makes the Light Side think twice about first turn attacks
    • Orbital bombardment is expensive, but only 1 more resource than Moorsh Moraine and far more useful.

    Alternatively, 1x Imperial Command and 1x Endless Reserves could also work, but I haven't tested that yet. 

    Jun 10 2014 12:40 PM
    I agree with the above comments but with 9 resources already I would only add one imperial command. You could consider a victory or death or even sabotage in the snow (giving you DSSD the ability to one shot objectives is almost too good!

    I will second Kennedy's notion of Victory or Death.  Your "money" in this build is not from traditional means.  You get it from card effects and objective effects,, so I view Motti as not needed.  If you are worried about stopping Sleuths in the traditional way, you can't with this build. 4 storm troopers won't change that either.  Stop them by blowing up the Annuat Sectors and Raise the Stakes before they can do too much damage.  You can literally out gun and out run a sleuth deck if you are aggressive with this build.  We tested it two weeks ago and won 2 out of 3 against sleuths, both wins by 3rd turn.  The lower cost SD's that can take the force for a turn (and keep your opponent from taking it due to the objective) are great.  Everything about this deck relies on the key word "Capital Ship", so use it to maximum effect.  Also, never be afraid to use Deploy the Fleet liberally with this set up.  Doing 4 damage to it to play a 5 cost unit for 1 is a good exchange in the long run when each of your units can blow up objectives nearly by themselves.  Its a risk, but usually one that paid off.

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    Jun 12 2014 12:25 PM
    Some other pro moves. Damage deploy the fleet if you need something to move with thumderflare you don't have to play a ship.

    Killing your own deploy the fleet to clear death squadron command is sometimes critical.

    Defense upgrade on deploy the fleet is clutch but beware the saboteur!
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    Jun 30 2014 03:56 PM

    Thanks heaps guys, sorry for the very late reply i had heaps going on, but these changes helped alot!

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