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Ground assault

Imperial Navy
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    Defend in the early turns of the game and slowly build up the offensive. The aim is to get the Dial to 6 and destroy 3 objectives to close the game.

    Game Flow: Turn 1 and 2 should be building up ressources, defending and keeping control of the force. If you can soften up enemy objectives go for it but not at the expense of your own or losing the force.

    Turn 3 and 4 are used to put pressure on the enemy objectives and you should aim for to kill 2 or 3 of them. You'll either win on turn 4 with the dial at 12 if you kept the force or begining of turn 5 with the dial.

    Turn 5+: at this point go full offence if you haven't won yet. You should be be real close to winning.

    Mulligan? : Mulligan if you're starting hand doesn't have any ressource enhancement. This deck needs to build up numbers.

    Discarded/considered objectives:
    -Dark Time for Rebellion. While the objective is good, the other units were an odd fit (no synergy) and the deck did better without those cards. There's enough damage in the deck without the need for the MTV and Stark abilities.

    -Endor Gambit: Again good objective but the 3 costs walkers don't fit well within the deck. Too costly for what they provide and the Blizzard walker can do the same job for 2 cost.
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    Why not Imperial Command pod? It has plenty of cheap troops to defend with and lot of resources. Unstoppable Advance is good but imho DS need lot of units and unit damage on the board to be able to defend well.
    Unstoppable advance is the heart of the deck. Shielded AT-AT are key to defend against tactics icons and allow you to defend without having to win an edge battle. Also, with forward command post your AT-ATs can threathen objectives all by themselves with a 4 damage potential if light side goes all out on offence. Also, they are sturdy enough to survive being hit by light side characters, something that the lower cost troopers can't. In fact, it can survive 1on1 vs any of the light side characters and can even retaliate against them even if you lose the edge. In my experience, having this sort of unit to defend with in the early turns is really invaluable.

    Aggressive assault is also suprisingly good as it can surprise the rebel player and it does 3 damage without having you commit to attacking.

    If I was to make a deck based around imperial command it would be entirely different.
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    I ran a very similar deck last week in casual play but splashed in Repair and Refurbish in place of the Endless Reserves. 2 resource units give good money, the Thunderflare is reduced in cost by the Orbital Resupply Stations from Unstoppable, and the abilities of the units and objective work really well. Sure, it breaks "theme", but it works well in the deck.
    I've been running some form of a ground deck for a long time and find it to be one of the best and most synergistic imperial builds available right now.
    Interesting idea with Repair and refurbish. I'll have to try it.
    This week I plan to test a deck without Veers (I love him and his objective but find the blizzard force AT's rely too much on having him in play and having forward command posts out to be truly "good" and the Turbo Laser may be one of the worst cards in the game) and with Endor's instead. I love the idea of the AT Commander being able to pay for shields for units any time there is an action window. The build is resource heavy already, so I frequently had 1-2 resources left per turn by turns 3-4 if I wanted them. Have the AT-AT's put their shields on non vehicle units and buy the shields for the AT's with the commander. Now EVERYTHING can take advantage of the command posts. I can also pay to replace a shield that gets removed by damage mid battle to still get the damage too.
    We'll see if it works, or more importantly, if it works better than having Veers in the deck. This is what makes deck building and test playing fun to me!
    Repair and Refurbish works in the build, Endor over Veers did not. Veers does too much for the deck, the blizzard forces are better for 2 than the AT-ST's really end up being for 3 (and they were one of my favorite units in the core set...). The card advantage that is given by his objective is also too important if you want edge wins...yeah, I may not love the whole pod, but my Walker/trooper deck minus Veers taught me that its not an improvement.

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