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Imp Armada

Imperial Navy Experimental
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    Did alright with it, but decided to switch out the Affiliation card to Sith just for the resource.

    I would give up on Black Squadron until they bring out more "fighter" type units.  It just isn't viable at this stage as the fighters all do white damage and have too few icons to win edge battles when you need to.

    We've been testing a Star Destroyer deck recently you may want to give a shot to.  On the surface it seems like it would get owned as its too slow, but the objectives completely allow you to play 2-3 Star Destroyers a turn if you are aggressive with them.  

    We've run:

    2x Kuat Reinforcements

    2x Deploy the Fleet

    1x Imperial Blockade

    2x Death and Despayre

    1x Reconnaisance Mission

    2x Victory or Death.  


    If you draw them in set up you MUST use Kuat and Deploy the Fleet.  Do NOT be afraid to damage Deploy the Fleet, even to the point of blowing it up yourself to make your units cheaper.  The idea is to bring out enough punch that by 3rd turn you've destroyed 3 or 4 objectives to win.  Mostly this comes from playing the Death Squadrons and the Devastator, but Victory Classes are cheap and effective.  Your few units with tactics in the build are used to bait blockers into places you don't want them and then the big units follow in.  All the blast damage in the deck (except the tie's which don't matter) is black, so edge is nearly irrelivent.  It won or held its own and we tested it against Sleuth/Dash, Super Friends, and a good rebel build we like.  This was the best Imperial "Navy" deck we have built that did not splash foot soldiers (though we do like the droids from recon mission for dropping into the battle free if a unit goes un blocked). 

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