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It's a snowjob!

Imperial Navy

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    Get out lots of AT-ATs, free Wampas and use shielded units on attack as well as on defense. Try to damage all enemy objectives evenly and finish them off with one final Aggressive Assault. Use Turbolaser Battery versus Jedi to wipe all enhancements from the board if necessary. Forward Command Post and AT-AT Assault Formation can win you games as well... The deck works against light side vehicle decks as well as fairly well against character centered smugglers decks. A Dark Time for the Rebellion is the one objective set that I think about replacing, but the objective itself and Heavy Fire are sometimes really good...
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    I just threw together a deck the other day that's very similar to this, but without the Hoth theme.  Instead of A Dark Time for the Rebellion I had the Endor Gambit for extra walker synergies.  Instead of the Wampa pod I had Endless Reserves to make 1st turns less painful resource wise. 


    I haven't tested mine yet, but I'll be very interested to know how your's plays! 

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    If you are going to stay purely an imperial and neutral build, you really don't have another option other than Dark Time.  The build relies on having at least 2 out of the objectives be Hoth in my opinion.  I'm not a fan of the Dark Time pod any more, and the objective is easy to move damage where you want, but at least it does something every turn to help you.  

    If you would consider making the deck part Sith I could see Killing Cold work really well in this to stall for time, and Desolation of Hoth can be a game breaker in the right situation.  There is also the 501st to play really well with Veers, add some heavy duty unit damage, and an objective that limits your opponent's hand size is always welcome in my book.  

    If you are willing to make 4/6 of the pods non hoth, which is a risk when many cards depend on having Hoth objectives out, the Dark Trooper Project would also play well in this.  It will help with force control, add some extra damage with Veers and Moch adding to units, and gives a great resouce card.  

    This build is very similar to my latest version of my "One if by Land" deck which is essentially this build but with Repair and Refurbish over Wampas (Yeah, I broke theme but the pod is too good...) and the Dark Troopers over Dark Time.  

    Similar to the deck I played the most during the last cycle, though I had 2x Endor Gambit instead of 2x Dark Time for the Rebellion. AT-ST are solid units that keep your hand healthy for edge battles or just pump more units, while getting some extra power with Veers out. The enhancement and officer are more shielding for the Forward Command Posts. Target of Opportunity is always nice in aggressive decks and the objective itself is nice defense against tactics or simply have a unit become pseudo-elite for Force-holding purposes.


    If I had to build the deck today, I would probably use just 1 Endor Gambit and fill with 1 Endless Reserves to streamline the deck.

    I tested out the deck I talked about above against a Superfriends deck last night and I think it works pretty well.  I played 2 games against the same opponent and the same deck.


    For the first game, I drew an almost perfect opening hand which had an AT-ST from Endor Gambit and 2 Heavy Stormtrooper squads from Imperial Command.  This basically shut down my opponent's ability to attack for their first turn.  A couple of turns later they conceeded when AT-ATs and General Veers started hitting the field and I just ran away with the game.


    The second game was much closer.  My opening round was Adm. Motti, a Blizzard Force AT-ST and a Heavy Stormtrooper Squad.  This meant that my opponent could attack me rather safely since the Blizzard Force AT-ST can't really do much on the defense and 1 Heavy Stormtrooper squad wasn't going to kill a main by itself (especially with protectors out on the field).  I eventually stabilized the situation with another stormtrooper squad and an AT-AT, which I used to one-shot an objective, along with 2 Blizzard Force AT-STs.  After a while an AT-AT assault formation hit the table and we were down to our climactic turn.  My opponent was on 2 destroyed objectives thanks to the Falcon, but I had overwhelming board advantage at Death Star Dial 7.  I realized that I needed to kill 2 objectives this turn (I had killed one previously) and win or else I'd lose on their next turn.  


    Thankfully, I dropped a forward command post and won an edge battle, allowing an AT-AT and Blizzard Force to take down one objective, while AT-AT Assault Formation single-handedly took down another.


    All in all, I think the problem with walker decks is that they tend to be very light on defenders.  The problem is that Blizzard Force AT-STs are sacrificial at best while AT-ATs are too expensive and valuable on the offense to have hanging back as defenders.  AT-STs from Endor Gambit are very solid, especially if you give them shielding with Aft Armour Plating, but I really think that the Heavy Stormtroopers in Imperial Command were the stand-out blockers.  They are cheap enough to deploy en-mass, especially if you have Vast Resources, and they can down most mains with a double block and successful edge battle.  That in itself makes your opponents think twice about attacking.  General Veers also makes the Stormtroopers extremely formidable on the defense.   I'd say that they're vastly superior to the vehicles in A Dark Time since they only have 1 blaster and can't benefit from General Veers. 


    That all said, this is my 2 cents after only two plays and I'd love to hear about how your deck went!

    AT-AT are actually amazing on defense. Only use them offensively if you want to draw attention to them or are sure you can win the edge battle.

    Granted, they are expensive, but as long as you're not against Sleuths, they are resilient defenders that don't care about edge.

    Nice deck here
    can you please tell me whats the ideal opening hand i should seek?

    Thanks for all the responses. 


    The Endor Gambit sure is an interesting and strong alternative to the Dark Time set. 


    Lately I've swapped it for the Devastator pod and had quite a good time playing the deck!


    @aviectus: Regarding starting hand, here's my two cents: Cards that you always want to see are the Wampas (because you will be able to drop them for free and they are solid defenders), Stormtroopers (against Sleuth decks), a Forward Command Post (for the resources and later for the extra objective damage), maybe an AT-AT or two. As has been mentioned before: The AT-ATs can be used offensively as well as on defense. 


    From my experience the deck can establish a strong defense while blowing up objectives quite easily. Against the False Report objective it's advisable to just keep damaging the objectives easily and finish them off with an Aggressive Assault for six more on the Death Star Dial...


    When picking objectives at the beginning: Dark Time for the Rebellion is an obvious choice, if you have two out simultaneously times are even darker... The General's Imperative is also a solid choice for some card advantage early and Unstoppable Advance or Imperial Command for extra resources is never a bad choice as well... If you suspect your opponent playing a Hoth speeder deck you should try and pick all Hoth objectives to shut down some of the light side's Hoth boni!

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