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Star Destroyers

Imperial Navy

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    I'm not sure if Vader's pod is very good for this kind of deck.  You have lots of big, expensive, units which means that you're not really getting your resources' worth with him.  Adding 1 objective damage to 3 attacking troopers is worthwhile, adding 1 objective damage to a Star Destroyer or AT-AT is probably not. 

    With a deck with expensive vehicles like this you want Kuat Reinforcements.
      • Disguise likes this
    Jun 10 2014 12:34 PM
    I ran this deck at a Minneapolis regional. Vaders command was worth it when all the dash freeholders shenanigans was in the board, but nowadays I run 2x kuat instead. I also find unstoppable advance just gives me too many big units so I run a imperial command and victory or death or something along those lines.

    Nothing is worse than drawing a handfull of @@s and needa when you flip a starting deploy the fleet!

    My deck i ran during Store champs is also quite similar. But I removed Unstoppable Advance and a copy of Deploy the Fleet after the first one and put in 2x A Dark Time for the Rebellion instead to give me more units to stop Sleuth Scouts/Blockade Runners. The free damage was nice too. 

    My friend and I tested a pure Star Destroyer Deck two weeks ago.  It won a LOT even against the "tournament" builds.  Simply out ran them to destroy things.


    2x Death and Despayre

    2x Deploy the Fleet

    2x Kuat

    1x Imperial Blockade

    2x Victory or Death

    1x Recon Mission (for hand size, aka free money for Kuat, from objective and drop the droids for free on an unblocked attack)


    We were literally playing 2-3 Star Destroyers every turn.  Mostly because we were willing to damage Deploy the Fleet 3-4 times in a turn to play a SD practically for free and do the same for another with Kuat if we had them both.  Games were over by 3rd turn...win or lose.  We out ran Sleuths mostly because we destroyed the Annuat Sectors at first chance and reduced the damage they could do back.  Defense was purely optional...and usually not needed.

    Thanks very much for the input folks. I just started playing so I'm up for advice from veteran players.
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    Jun 11 2014 02:47 AM

    Enjoy the game, sometimes it takes a lot of losing but the most important thing to do is have fun!

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