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Super duper trooper

Imperial Navy

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    Defend to be begin with, with the aim to get as many cheap units out as possible. Use elements of control and direct damage to deal with threats. Then roll out the big guns or set up for a trooper offensive turn. Which ever you draw first.

    I also wanted to try take them prisoner.

    A variant of my previous regional deck.

    Thoughts welcome, tell me I'm crazy.
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    Not a fan of 11+ obj decks, but seems like it's working for you. I think going a little trooper heavier could work well. I'd cut Tatooine Crash and Corporate Exploitation for 2x Vader's Fist. 

    I was thinking the same but wasn't sure what to cut. Maybe it is time to retire the Jawas for something more trooper centric. Not sure about losing the espos though.

    Maybe I just don't know how to use Espos right, but without the E-Web from Vader's Fist, the extra damage from Veers, Imperial Vader, etc, I feel like they don't pose a threat for LS. A single Trooper Assault and Orbital Bombardment don't seem to be enough.

    Why not add Vader's Command maybe too ?


    I haven't tired a Trooper deck since the early Hoth days. Just could never seem to get it to pull off but this has inspired me to give it another go. 

    Jun 04 2014 01:04 PM

    This looks really cool, and it has a cute name.  x3

    My last trooper build was something like...


    2x Vader's Fist

    2x Dark Trooper Project

    2x General's Imperative

    2x Imperial Command

    1x Take Them Prisoner

    1x Shadows on the Ice


    Lots of troopers and unit damage. The walkers from Veers pod provide some early blast damage, until you get the E-Web Repeaters, Orbital Bombardment or your Trooper Assault. Deck can easily cut an Imperial Command and Take Them Prisoner in favor of Imperial Vader and Espos.

    I haven't tried a trooper deck since before the release of Dark Trooper project but when I did run one I did have Espo troopers in it. They're cheap cannon fodder if nothing else. 

    Jun 04 2014 04:04 PM

    Just like a real stormtrooper!


    ...oh, I mean they are loyal and important parts of the Empire's armed forces.  Couldn't do it without you, boys.

    Technically they are owned by the corporations. 

    I used Espos in all my early trooper builds until Dark Troopers came out. Espos just made me feet like my already weak edge capabilities were even weaker, and they normally died in combat without doing anything. There were indeed times they could make unopposed attack and deal some serious damage with the E-Web and Orbital Bomb, but that wasn't as frequent as I would have liked. And they do lose a lot of power without Imperial Vader around.

    Interesting, good feedback. It could be fun working together and seeing if we can make a good Trooper deck. 

    Jun 04 2014 05:08 PM

    Better have an agreement in writing with signatures and forms in triplicate, though.  You never know.

    Lol, I think we are okay. Would likely just be a few of us working on it. Maybe I will make a new thread for it. 

    Sounds like a plan. I think the decks I have played recently have been more trooper support instead of pure trooper. Damage control and then wait for the heavy hitters come out to finish the job.

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