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Tarkin's Reign

Imperial Navy Fun
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    Nov 23 2013 12:18 PM
    Such theme! Very resource.
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    I would probably swap Vader's pod (just because I am not a big fan of the Imperial Vader, or his droids) for something else...probably one copy of Endor's to synergize better with Veers or the Snow Trooper pod for the forward command posts since the AT's and Star Destroyers are all Shielding already and the troopers in that pod work with Veers too. The deck is a little light on unit damage anyways, which both of those pods would help with. Great build though.
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    I love the probe droids since they are basically an annoyance to the enemy or 1 damage when they die but I agree with you also. Thanks.
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    If the probe droids cost one, or if they had more force icons or a black blaster I would like them. To me their two cost is just too much for what they provide once they are in play. Same goes for the communications officer. 3 for 2 exchange, when you don't really want to spend the 2 at once or you lock yourself down. The objective doesn't do enough to slow down opponents either when its in play. I'm just over that pod. Love the deck otherwise though.
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    Nov 28 2013 04:17 AM
    The Probe Droid does offer an interesting defense to a sleuth/blockade runner deck as Raise the Stakes has to be undamaged for it's effect to work, and if the Probe Droid left play then you could damage it to prevent the 2 unopposed damage.

    The Communications Officer does give you another officer (along with the Duty Officer (2 copies) and Fleet Navigator(1 copy)) that you can sacrifice to play Apology Accepted. (Lets face it, Veers, Tarkin, Motti and Needa aren't likely candidates for the cards effect in this deck)

    Vader is Vader, and this one is like having a 3rd Orbital Bombardment.

    Then if the pod itself is in play, it's effect works great when you play Imperial Suppression. Your opponent has to pay 1 extra to put his events into play (making him really think about which ones he needs to play), and then you simply spin around (and for cost 0) cancel his event (but not it's cost). Love it.
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