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Maras Rancor

Scum and Villainy Sith

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Objective Set Type

Total Objective Sets: 0
    I was using:

    Vadars Fists x2
    Killing x2
    Palp x2
    Exe x2
    Slave x2

    The issue with this version is that I didn't well fists is good but mara is a vast improvement to the control and force pips.

    The rancor allows you to use him as a defender, force control, and LS board control. With his costing 4 he can defend a first turn anything the LS has and he can still use his reaction to kill anything. Even if they luke to luke you just have to win edge, which is easy, you force them to use the combo early. Sure the rancor would take 2-3 damage but luke will die on your turn. Which is ironic :P

    Exe makes a crazy good defender, at 10HP, he will not be able to die quickly. Also killing cold gives you so much control and can combo really well with Exe.

    Over all great deck, This deck is based off http://fliptheforce.com/forum/index.php?threads/justins-answer-to-the-meta.563/ He is the only one that I have seen post his version so I am going to assume he is the creator of his version. He simply inspired me to take his deck and mine and put my own spin on it.
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    The Rancor can also be a good way to deal with Hired Hands if you can't hold the Force. And A Disturbance in the Force is obviously very powerful with how popular MTFBWY and Jedi are.


    Love the executor but I'm not completely sold on it when tactics are so dominant (seriously, screw Hired Hands).

      • mikado likes this

    Agreed the Rancor is better now that Hired Hands are a big part of the current meta.  Used to be too much a chance it would turn on you.  Not really now (though Galactic Scum are really easy targets for it...)  If only it read "sacrifice" your lowest cost unit instead of "destroy"...would have made for fun combos with the Executor...

    Jul 22 2014 09:10 PM

    I'm glad that people are seeing the value of the Rancor. I guess it's easier when the LS meta is shifting back to more character based decks.

    Jul 22 2014 09:22 PM

    The Rancor is pretty cool but I see more value out of The Han's Blessing and A Disturbance in the Force.  I'm just thinking that there's so many better uses for four resources than on the Rancor.

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