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Updated Scum post-K&D

Scum and Villainy Control

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    Continuing modification/growth of a Scum deck I've had for a while. Less emphasis on capturing than before with more on tactics and some added Force emphasis. Whatcha think?
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    I like it, but I'm not sure how it will work.

    If I were to suggest anything, I think 2x Feeding the Pit is not working with the deck as it really wants to be a capture deck.  I know you don't want it to be a capture deck, but Slave Trade, Findsman's Intuition, and Jabba's Orders say otherwise. Maybe it is a one-of with 1x Bossk?  Or 1x Greedo?


    I feel like it is going in two different directions.  How have the games gone so far?

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    Jun 02 2014 03:22 PM

    Haven't been able to test.  I only play by myself in the physical world, so to speak, at least so far.  OCTGN is gonna be a priority for me in the evenings from now on, I hope.


    Thank you for the advice.  I'm actually not sure what it's supposed to do, either.  x3  Gotta do some more thinking.

    Jun 02 2014 05:21 PM

    Actually, the reason I put the Pits in there was because I like Bib Fortuna for Force holding, and the Dragon for killing objectives.  My thoughts were to shore up the deck's very reactionary tendencies (defense and capture) with some oomph if necessary.  Besides, the Dragon does make a really nice defender.  Spice Visions works on Dragon, Jabba, and Bib, as well.


    That's my rationale for Feeding the Pit.  As you say, maybe just one is all it needs.  I'll need to do some serious reconsideration about the deck.  Shoring up weaknesses easily bleeds into hampering what a deck does best.

    Feeding the Pit is amazing. Krayt Dragons with Spice Visions is a deadly objective destroyer. Plus it's great letting the Pit eat your opponent's big cards like Han and the Falcon. 

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    Jun 02 2014 05:35 PM

    I know!  Bah, I'mma keep 'em in.  Big monsters on drugs FTW, baby.

    Jun 02 2014 06:29 PM

    Here is a Scum deck I've been liking:


    2x Lucrative Contracts
    2x The Slave Trade
    2x The Findsman's Intuition

    2x Jabba's Reach
    1x Feeding the Pit
    1x Bespin Exchange


    I actually think Boba Fett is still a decent meta call with all the Hired Hand being played because he can simply capture one of them, and damage/focus another. Not a two-of pod though. The Slave Trade is definitely one of the best Scum pods to come out, and I can see it being a two-of more times than not. I've been personally liking this list myself, but I think it needs another competitive objective set to come out in order for the deck to be really good.


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