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Smugglers and Spies Control Experimental

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    The basic idea behind this deck is to use The False Report objective to keep the board under my control. I can use other cards to bounce in and out to heal my own characters, and interrupts from objectives to prevent events. I would appreciate comments here, as I am just learning deck building for this game.
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    Only issue with that is once a DS player sees anything from False report they will simply play passive and kill your obj slowly. Unless they are navy ofc.

    It's really easy to play around False report right now.
      • jeffthemagicgoat likes this
    Apr 10 2014 01:03 PM
    The best way to play around False report fear is to have really powerful objectives on the board.

    They can't afford to leave 2x Annoat Sector on the board and wait out the clock. With Dash's new objective I expect a similar result.

    You can try to use tricks to blow up your own objective like Questionable Contacts as well.
      • jeffthemagicgoat likes this
    Apr 10 2014 09:18 PM
    I will try switching out the Defense of Hoths for 2 xAnnoat Sector. That was part of the original build anyway, but I think I prioritized something over it. Thanks for the commentary!

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