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Commando Dash

Rebel Alliance Smugglers and Spies Experimental

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    Spam Target of Opportunity, fuel Yavin IV with Holding all the cards and let the opponent use the Fate from the extra cards to play Commandos and gain board advantage.
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    No Falcon? I like the deck if you took out the two one-ofs and added the Falcon.

    Wasn't sure if the Falcon was worth the slot when Dash and Crix are the only really expensive characters in the deck, and Crix pays for himself. I do like the added tricks it provides though.

    Hit and Run is, I feel, the weakest pod here. Not a big chance of seeing the objective, and Informants are super vulnerable for their cost. The fate cards are nice an easier to come by. Honestly, this once could be any other pod. Out the top of my head, Renegade Squad Mobilization, Prepare for Evac and Raise the Stakes are decent alternatives.

    I feel the units in Blue Squad Support just work so well with the deck to keep some degree of... swarminess?

    I will give the Falcon a try and compare results.


    The main weaknesses I detect for this one are:

    -Economy (only 4x Hidden Outposts and Crix, but Yavin IV is virtual money and Commandos are supposed to enter for free. Not terrible).

    -Edge (my biggest issue. Most units don't care about edge, but sometimes you need the extra icons and the first strike).

    -Straightforward (no cool tricks to force the enemy to think or take him by surprise. Just get units, use blast and destroy objectives).

    The Falcon is pretty much always worth it. I see plenty of decks that have no real heavy hitters to drop with it and they still play it since it's such a strong unit. Dropping in Dash, Crix, Cloud City Operative, Shifty Lookout and Rebel Commando are all fine plays. Plus it gives you another resource card, and some tricks(twist, bamboozle).I think that is more useful than the pods you have in there.

    Pilot Luke is a good alternative to Hit and Run. It gives you 2 instead of 3 fate cards. Luke is decent edge 3. The speeder is an attacker and the tauntaun a resource. Sure they are just as vulnerable as the Informants but they are also cheaper and more useful. Should you get the objective it can be pretty good for winning edge. Of course taking full advantage of it really changes the deck though.

    I'm just not seeing Dash though. HatC barely powers DoY4. You get a 1 card boost and give up so much by giving away cards.

    Have to agree that Falcon is never bad. Also a good way of dropping in Commandos if you need them but I would probably be dropping a home 1 (and hit and run) before I lost the b-wings in this deck.

    I did consider Hero's Resolve to strengthen edge and Heat of Battle, which works so good with Adaptative Strategy.


    HatC does more than just give a little extra to Yavin IV, it probably gets the opponent the fate cards I need to drop the Commandos (yeah, stupid thinking, as I would be most definitely losing the edge in the process) and also accelerates my own deck. Dash himself can be a beast. Shifty Lookout is sooo good for his cost. And Target of Opportunity is moar objective damage that can, again, duplicate thanks to Adaptative Strategy.


    I'll try to get some decent testing done during the week with the deck as it is and all suggestions here. Hope to get some good data out of this.


    Thanks guys.

    HatC turns on your Against All Odds after they dump their hand. It also helps you dig for some of the more important units in your deck and does turn the cards you don't want in to resources with DoY4. Also like Majestaat said it gives you more oppertunties to get out those Commandos if they are drawing extra cards, it could mean more fate cards.  


    You say a weakness in the deck is Edge but then you have B-Wings which besides the unique one require you to win edge to do anything.

    Honestly, I'm one big B-Wing fanboy. Always loved their design. You're right though in that they can be lackluster if I can't win the edge, but so do many of the other cheap vehicles. Still, the argument is solid. I'll reconsider my options.

    B-Wings are my favorite too! I use them a lot more in X-Wing then I do in the LCG.

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