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Edge focus

Smugglers and Spies

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    Win the edge battle and control the board to destroy objectives
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    what do you think? could this work?

    1. Without protection, Secret Informants are a risky bet. If you can actually control the board and focus down the enemy units for them to make their work, cool. But even then, a single Force Choke will destroy them. Vader pod is seeing less use, but Emperor's Web is as popular as ever. 


    2. You don't really have enough Force Users to get the best out of Forgotten Heroes. Nor do you have the economy to play Obi. If you like Mind Trick, Jedi Training would probably be better, despite the low edge count. Another option would be to go Smuggler-heavy and use stuff like Cloud City Operatives and Bamboozle to incapacitate the opposition. Therefore, do consider the Falcon pod.


    Overall, I feel there's not enough synergy within the deck to fulfill its purpose, and the lack of resources combined with expensive characters means you'll always be playing 1 unit per turn. Not good.


    Something that could do something like you want is:

    2x Hoth Ops (edge to all speeders)

    2x Prep for Battle (speeders + shields + tactics)

    2x Attack Pattern Delta (speeders)

    2x Last Defense of Hoth OR Hero's Resolve (both can help greatly with edge. I think Hero's Resolve is the stronger option though)

    + 2 Rebel pods (Blue Squad Support and Defense of Yavin IV are good offensive options, but you may want to go for something with more utility, like Hoth Gambit, once K&D gets here).


    Why am I even writing in english to a fellow chilean?

    Jun 03 2014 07:39 PM



    Why am I even writing in english to a fellow chilean?



    Bum bum bummmmmmmmmmmm! :)

    who are you??? 


    I played with it the other day and figure out the obi one resource choke xD. I changed it for another luke (not pilot). To maximize Kyle katarn pod. I don't actualy play secret informants, but the objective wins me games by winning the edge. 


    Thanks for the comments though

    Jun 03 2014 08:33 PM

    I'm happy to see Forgotten Heroes get some love, even if it might not be the best choice for the deck in the end.  I love the ideas here, since I kinda stink at edge battles.  Why not rig 'em? :)

    The one and only Char.


    Have you played against Navy vehicles? Mind tricks won't work, and they don't care much about edge anyway.

    Plus, they can probably wipe your objectives before you get a decent setup. 


    A tactics heavy deck can also royally screw you since this one is so dependent on the big guys. Be careful.

    we should played some games to test for the regional, no one is testing much. I go on tuesdays (like today) to warpig.

    University being a pain in the ass has taken my time, but that's this week. The rest of June is fine for me. Might even go from Monday to Friday if there is at least one person to play with each day.

    I know pablo droguett plays and team bolton does too...go to facebook and look for "arena warpig" group....there you can find players for other days, on tuesdays i'll be there till late (from 7:30 to 10:30 aprox)

    Jun 03 2014 09:54 PM

    Just wanted to say that warpig is an awesome name!

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