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Falcon Scoundrels

Smugglers and Spies

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    Feb 20 2014 09:56 PM
    I think you may find that Renegade Squadron Mobilization hits harder than Last Defense of Hoth. Apologies if you've already experimented with that build.

    I'm trying to comment on any decklist I view. Comments are so few in this forum.
    Feb 20 2014 10:04 PM
    Yeah, I agree. This list was mostly about trying something different and I feel like Col Serra is cool and underused and made a good target for a falcon drop.
    Feb 21 2014 05:21 AM
    Col is definitely a beast. You do have lots of units which can benefit from Falcon shenanigans. Players always want to get the most free resources when bouncing the Falcon, but the smuggler chuds in this deck are pretty capable, and can drop some pro plays. Saboteur is pretty obvious, and early game, it might just be worth selecting it over Han or Lando to cut into the DS resource pool, especially if they've double focused an objective. Cloud City Op and Twerk Smuggler are good choices, too. The smuggler, if there's a free unopposed waiting to happen, and a focus token to hand out, the Op, if say... the Smuggler has survived, struck, and you want it to strike again, even at the cost of focusing the Op. Now add Echo Caverns into this mix. Tricks for days. Also, the Munitions chud is always good for beefing up Han's targeted strike.

    This game is crazy, and we're just now starting to unlock it.
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    Yeah, I agree. This list was mostly about trying something different and I feel like Col Serra is cool and underused and made a good target for a falcon drop.

    I've used him, I tried a few variants of the Col Serra/Pilot Luke deck that got top 16 at worlds.

    The good.
    The objective. Sure you might lose some units you really wanted, but they weren't in your hand anyway. Keeping a lightside objective undamaged is pretty easy, especially when it is Hoth and you can heal it. Jedi offer healing through Last Minute Rescue and Knowledge and Defense pods if you want to combo them in. The bonus with Last Minute Rescue is Return of the Jedi so you can pull a Force User back you accidentally drew for edge. The Wilderness Fighters pod makes attacking Hoth objectives a really bad idea too.

    The X-Wing. It's basically a 2 cost Swindled that you use for tactics as well. It's not super offensive but it is super useful.

    The average.
    Col Serra has a pretty high cost for what he does. His ability is great at preventing tactics, but kind of meh outside of combat. He's still a Force Lightning target. I think I would have liked him better with either 2 black blasters or 1 black edge to go with the white objective damage. I assume the cost is pretty much all for Edge 1 though which is a pretty cool ability.

    A Stinging Insult. Again the situations are small that you can use it. In this case I think it is because of it's cost. Jedi Mind trick costs 1, this is not as good as that. Let the Wookie Win and Force Choke are free. And again it has 1 icon. I can definitely see pro play moves with this card, like using it on an Arcona to force defenders into a fight, and with Lando it could be gold to force something in, pull out and then lock it down with tactics. The framework I started with had a lot less use for this card because there weren't enough S&S characters in the deck. The deck you have outlined might find more use for it. I definitely think it works great with Chewie because how often do people just let Chewie past. So maybe it is better than bad, but the 1 cost and 1 edge icon are still pretty bad.

    The bad
    Don't get cocky. Okay it can be a nail in the coffin event, but it's pretty situational, you need to win Edge by 2 and it costs 1, and it only has 1 edge icon. You'll likely be turfing it more than using it but on those turns where you can use it it could win you the game. If it was 0 cost and had 2 icons it would be way better.

    The chud. He's a black blaster for 0. No edge icons so he isn't doing anything else for you.

    The edge icons. 2, 1, 0, 1, 1 in a set that is kind of based around winning the edge is really terrible. It makes the Hero's Resolve pairing a lot more valuable, and also adds redundancy in the plan to win the edge.

    I think the set has it's merits. I kind of wish the X-Wing text and icons were on a cloud car in the Lobot set instead of one of the Wing Guards. And the Chud could have been a Battle of Hoth. But we have what we have so the trick is trying to utilize the cards in the pod.

    I would be keen to see how it plays in your deck. I expect it won't be that useful and that A stinging Insult and the X-Wing are probably the most useful cards for you. Col Serra won't be bad, but he won't be Han, Chewie or Lando, and despite their lower health I would play any of them first personally.

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