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Rebel Rescue Mission

Rebel Alliance Smugglers and Spies Aggro Experimental

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    Similar to the LS deck I played for last year's regional. Had Hoth Ops and Preparation for Battle instead of The Rebel Fleet and Draw their Fire.

    Draw their Fire in particular is a very combo-ish or meta set. Any particular reason to choose that one over another one? 

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    Rebel Fleet is in there for the ridiculous striking power of Home One, as well as the extra resources.  In my experience, the Y-Wing isn't shabby either since it can sneak in 3 damage against an undefended target.  The DS players I frequently play against are reasonably aggressive, so much of the time I can sneak in one unopposed Y-Wing attack, especially if they're focused down trying to defend against Home One.


    Draw Their Fire is mostly there for Ackbar and X-Wing escort.  In my Meta, vehicles are reasonably common with people running Navy Star Destroyers or Navy Walkers.  Ackbar is good for tipping battles in my favour with the tactics icons or the extra damage.  There have been times I've killed Palpatine because of the 1 extra damage that Ackbar does coming in.


    That said, Draw Their Fire would probably be the first pods to go if better Rebel or Smuggler pods come out.  Right now I'm thinking of either the 2x Renegade Squadron Escorts or 1x Renegade Squadron Escorts and 1x Dash.


    What are your thoughts on that?

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    I'd rather take 1x Escorts and 1x Dash. Protecting the regular Y-Wings helps, but they're not really crucial for your strategy. Having an unkillable Home One would be crazy, but you do depend on getting it on the table. The escorts work best in speeder decks because they're so fragile yet so powerful when combined with Hoth Ops and Rogue Two. Plus, having 2 Prepare for Evac would be just bad unless playing against DS Hoth decks.

    The Renegade Squad is already super beefy. Doesn't really need protection.


    Dash pod is all around very good and can fit anywhere. Not much to say there. The only added synergy here is you can get some extra cards for Yavin IV.

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    I can't fault any of that logic.  I'll try this out and report back. 

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    what would be an ideal starting hand on this deck?

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