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The 'edgier' side of the Rebellion

Smugglers and Spies Fun Other

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    I have drawn into 2 or 3 "draw a card" objective sets right off the bat with this deck. Focus tokens everywhere, Only one Falcon because that's all I have, but it left room for some shielding and needed vehicles. Plenty of blasters and useful abilities. Wins.
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    Nov 23 2013 12:20 PM
    How do you have 2x Raise the Stakes and only one Falcon?
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    Unfortunately I only own one Falcon. Teamcovenant.com sells individual objectives and I got the last one, along with some other stuff. They'll restock soon I'm sure but I'm probably getting Edge of Darkness or something else after the Hoth cycle by next year. I do like my Smuggling Compartment and extra Swindled. And as long as I'm seeing Cloud City Operative Ill be okay until then. I could have had my other Falcon in a Rebel deck or something although I wish that were the case. Should have mentioned that my bad.
    I feel like the prep for battle is completely wasted in this deck. The objective only works on the speeder tanks, which are only good for drawing out blockers on the attack and need to win edge to be useful on defense. MF only has Han to bring out (or crappy characters like smugglers and operatives, bad cost exchange). Han is also exposed with no protection for characters or ways to increase HP in the deck. He's 2 life of "dead in a hurry" in this build. Just seems confused if it is a vehicle deck or a character deck, and I feel it could be stronger if it went one way or the other.

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