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The Renegade Fleet

Rebel Alliance Smugglers and Spies
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    The deck is built to be pretty straight forward. The Renegade Squadron is there to tie up opposing units with tactics and to open the way for Home One, Blue Leader, and Red 2 to wreck havoc. Use the Echo Caverns to remove opponent's tactics icons or to cause extra damage when needed. Use the protectors and repair droids to constantly keep you units fresh and healthy (put 1 damage on the protector, immediately declare your droid's action to remove it. You can do this once on your turn and once on your opponent's turn every round. Get two repair droids and two protectors in play at once and make your fleet practically invunerable to anything short of the Thunderflare, Snowtrooper and Stormtrooper Elites, or 501st Elite).
    Alderaan is there to provide a few people to hold the force for you in Bail and the Artist. If you can control the force it slows the dark side's progression down to a crawl and lets you add some damage every round making the final kills easier.
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    I'm still debating the final pod I put into this deck, which is the Alderaan Pod.
    I also considered Wedge's pod, but the objective is wasted with very few speeders in the deck, the only enhancements for Rogue 3 are the Astromech and Wedge himself, the survival gear has no real targets, and the Battle of Hoth is of questionable usefulness given the number of non hoth objectives in the deck.
    I am also considering the Rebel Han pod, Evacuation Procedures. This pod adds Han to hold the force the way I plan to use Bail and the Artist. It also adds 2 unique characters in Torin and the Bright Hope that both provide tactics icons to draw out blockers for you.
    In the end, I felt the assitance in holding the force that Alderaan gave, along with the punch that Tantive IV can provide (plus its ability to fish for other unique units) were just better for the deck, but I'm open to other thoughts on this.
    I'd go for either Han pod instead of Alderaan. Tantive IV is imho too costly and both Han pods could include more useful cards in a set.

    Prep for Evacuation is a good pod but so is Draw Their Fire :) I'd be tempted to consider Ackbar, Command Center and couple fighters instead of 2 squadron escorts, transport and hoth miscs.

    Much depends of play style of course - for defending, Alderaan & Preps might work fine. Have you tested this deck?
    I have tested the posted version of it briefly and it worked well against the deck my buddy was also testing. We were pretty sure both decks were flawed as we were trying out new concepts, but this deck fared far better. It went 2-0 against one scum deck and 1-1 against a navy build. Funniest moment was when my buddy hit alderaan with a super laser...it probably cost him the game but he couldn't resist the thematic appropriateness of that.
    I also considered Akbar's pod for the two tactics icons. That said, this is a vehicle deck first so I was trying to stick to theme which Tantive did best. In none of the 4 plays was money a problem.
    I actually really like the Alderaan Pod. I don't think Rebel Han will do much for you TBH. Diplomatic Presence is probably thrown into Edge and Maybe Bail is as well if you have the Artist out. Tantive isn't too hard to play with all the resources in the deck and while it's not Red 5 good in terms of Objective damage it does pack a punch. It's other ability could be useful, maybe not. Misdirection can win you the game by messing with the carefully laid plans of your opponent. Of course if you get it too early you probably throw it into edge.

    A single Leia could be worth it for the Twist perhaps. Ackbar has the added benefit of being the best Executor destroying pod, which seems quite thematic, so that's an option.

    I guess my question is do you need both Prep for Evacs. The Y-wings are good because they have black bast, but do you want or need 4 of them or are you relying on the objective. I get why you want 2 Renegade Squadron Mobilization, 2x Echo caverns is hard to pass up. I see the synergy with the protectors and the droids, but can you risk dropping that to 1 if you can find a better pod to throw in that will help you more.
    In my 4 test plays I never got more than 1 of the protectors out. The deck has very few "home run" vehicle units and I don't know that I like the idea of them being out without a few extra HP from the protectors. Every protector that dies is another 2 HP for a Home One or Blue Leader, in my book. I just don't think the deck would do better with fewer protectors in this case (though I hate when I draw the stupid transports from that pod).
    I could see Akbar in this deck over Leia. In 3 of the 4 test plays I controlled the force with the Alderaan cards though, and ground the dark side's progression to a half. It definitely made for an easier game. With 2 cards in there with 3 force icons it just makes it that much more likely that you can control the force and play the game at your tempo and speed, not theirs.

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