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What's defense?

Jedi Smugglers and Spies

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    After test playing this deck, it was fun and I enjoyed it. Had some up and down moments, but won each of its games in very different ways against a DS deck that was solid, but was experimental itself so this deck needs more testing still.
    Strengths: Variety. Your opponent is always left guessing what trick you have up your sleeve next. In one game I had all 3 objectives damaged at the start of a turn and an emergency repair and 2 Daughters of Allya committing to the force later I had all 3 objectives fully healed and undid 2 turns of attacks by my opponent. The next game I was using Han and Obi-Wan (played by bouncing the MF) to wreck havok on my enemy and kept a clear opposing playing area for 3 turns while I finished him off. There are lots of blasters, shielding units, and tactics that you can use to influence the game, and munitions experts and echo caverns to mess around with the expected damage on your opponent. Due to having so many 1x pods in the build your opponent really will not have a clue what you will play next based on your setup.
    Weaknesses: Blast damage! Outside of your big cost units, there is nothing that can win you the game. You are completely reliant on Luke, Han, Obi-Wan, The MF, The Redemption, and the Renegade Squadron to do your damage. Some of those units only do 1 objective damage. Others only have white icons. It is very easy to stop this deck from killing 3 objectives by focusing on killing these units or tying them up. The rest of the units just don't matter as much as they are support units at best. All of those units are also high cost units. You need to draw your money early and often to have a chance of winning or your hand can be stuck with your 5 cost units in them and no way to play them...and you don't want to throw them away as you need them to win!
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    Hello, so i have a question. I am new ro the game so i purchased: the core set, the 6 hoth expansions and the 2 deluxe expansions. I usually play the loght side against my friend. I have only won once. I need to know what is a good set up with what i have?
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