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Amidala Leia Mill

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Dec 02 2016 04:34 PM

I've tried quite a bit to get Leia to work in this build but I can't seem to figure it out.


Is it her re-roll that helps so much, I figured the 2 focus and discard from Ackbars die would be more beneficial. Especially if you also consider he brings multiple resource die faces to help build up to your big purchases like the Falcon.


Maybe you can help me understand Leia's use in this team :) I really want to know how it works.

The card Commando Raid wants a red card with discard. Since you run no cards with dice that have discard I think you should remove this card or use Ackbar instead of Leia as KennedyHawk suggested above.


I must admit that I fancied the combination of Leia and Padme initially (Lady Power) but I agree with KennedyHawk that Ackbar is much better, although I am underwhelmed by his special ability.


Maybe you can help me understand Leia's use in this team :) I really want to know how it works.


Hmm, leia has 2 more health and the re-roll, you wont be killing anything with the deck so akbar's ability is a waste anyway.

I'd remove the Commando Raid, there are no Red Dice in the deck with a Discard side.  Consider Thermal Detonator?

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Dude you cant use Commando Raid, you will never have dice which shows discard.

But even if you use Ackbar thats only 1 (maybe 2) red dice with discard.  Commando raid is very odd card for the number of Red, Hero discard dice available....