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I like the idea of this deck however I think you have the wrong battlefield for it, its to slow and that battlefield will hurt you. I think something like Maz castle, or even something like mos eisley or even the one that decreases the cost of a support card. Outpost + Launch bay + Maz castle could be a dirty extra card draw above 5 and deal more then 5 damage with Launch bay, with that you may want to look into planned explosion and/or strategic planning to reset your supports.

Although the maz's castle is a good idea, however you can pretty much stop a e character with a outpost carbon freezing chamber combo for example: in a poe/maz match-up lets say you win the die roll, then you choose your battlefield you can (after poe uses both dice), use outpost special and then claim in witch you would choose both poe dice and then the opposing player would have to use an extension gun  to get the emperors throne room battlefield, however that is only in few situations.