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The Worst


Luke as 1 of the worst characters? Why?


He has fairly high HP, good dmg sides and a strong ability (not Jango strong but card draw mid-round is always strong in FFG games)

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Luke as 1 of the worst characters? Why?


He has fairly high HP, good dmg sides and a strong ability (not Jango strong but card draw mid-round is always strong in FFG games)

  Luke by himself is not a terrible character, it's just that he doesn't pair well with anybody. Because he is a 15/20 it is impossible to play him in a three character deck because there is no 7 cost hero. The best two character decks are played with two elite character, such as eHan/eRey. Maybe Luke isn't one of the worst, but he is one of the least used characters because he doesn't pair well with many characters.

Apr 01 2017 11:26 AM

Luke is fine, not going with many characters doesn't matter too much as the characters you'd want to play with him already exist.

Leia is super solid, good dice, good health. She's tough to fit in lists, but she'll likely be a solid choice going forward.

Kylo is not great, but he's a cheap Blue dude, and right now that's sometimes enough.

Phasma is decent, just kind of hard to fit into lists. But she's a decent anchor as long as you can fit in at least one non unique.


Jedi Temple is IMO really underrated for aggro decks that can usually be sure to claim. You should be able to win the damage race; events are what stop you and this removes them.


Block is less 'bad' so much as 'bad in the current meta', as most big spike damage decks are ranged. It's still not unplayable by any means, and we'll be seeing more melee damage decks going forward.

Confiscation is good in theory, as it's both dice removal and resource removal. It's often just hard to pay for; will likely get better with more economic options in the game.

Draw Arttention isn't absolutely terrible; forcing the opponent to split damage will help keep both of your characters alive longer. It's often hard to fit in, though.

Endless Ranks is amazing, and pretty much the only reason to play Trooper decks. Seriously, the impact of getting one or even two characters back via Endless Ranks is huge.

Hyperspace Jump is a great emergency evac, or tool for decks that need to run a specific battlefield. It's just really expensive (and that's not taking into account Hyperloop).

Mind Trick is surprisingly nasty; it's a really powerful effect that is just held back by it's cost. But in a lot of cases, it says Pay 2, your opponent only gets half a turn.

Local Garrison is really horrible to play against. It's held back by the fact that you want to play it early, but I'm pretty certain choke decks will be viable at some stage, and this fits right in.

Power of the Dark Side is quite powerful - with decks that have a lot of blanks. Realistically, that means Troopers, and it's tough to fit in.

Commlink I think is pure replacement fodder, but it's not awful in that role if you look it as a one turn play that gets you your money back next turn. More a matter of deck space with this one.

Prized Possession can be strong, and you can replace it later if it stops being effective. But will probably be competing with other high cost cards.

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