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Type: Support
Cost: 6
[Special] - Discard a support from play.
The All Terrain Scout Transport filled both support and reconnaissance roles in the Galactic Empire’s war machine.
Side: Villain
Color: Red
Rarity: Legendary
Number: 5
Illustrator: David Auden Nash
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Dec 03 2016 12:20 AM
Quality card but with a high cost. The main value here is in a Finn/Poe deck
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Dec 15 2016 07:33 PM

Resource cost nearly makes this card not worth playing.  It's special sides can almost seem like two blanks against some opponents.  

Dec 16 2016 12:34 PM

Has anyone played this in their deck?  How often do you get this thing out?  What are some strategies to get enough resources to play it?

Quality card but with a high cost. The main value here is in a Finn/Poe deck


Finn / Poe is a pain-in-the-force to build though,  as there's no way to get two dice of Poe in there, which in turn makes it a stretch to play for comboing in the AT-ST, which as you say is almost useless outside of that combo. Datapad and so on can help, but I'd ultimately rather lose out on the options to run villain vehicles, and go Poe x2 with a splashed in yellow (Hired Gun or Padme), be content with just Launch Bay, Falcon and Diplo Immunity, and back it up with Starship Graveyard (or Throne Room for the hyperloop approach).


Taking Finn might let you add AT-ST (and 1st Order Tie Fighter) to the mix, but is that worth it when you're running just 1 Poe dice?