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Type: Support
Cost: 1
Action - Exhaust this support to resolve one of your dice showing a modified side (a side with a +) as if it was not modified (did not have the +).
Side: Hero
Color: Blue
Rarity: Fixed
Number: 124
Illustrator: Romana Kendelic
Want to build a deck using this card? Check out the Star Wars Destiny Deck Builder!


Way I see it, if you're running enough modified sides to justify this card, you probably shouldn't be running that many modified sides, as what are you going to do when this card doesn't come up? The main downer here is in action tempo - a card like this costs you an action to resolve one die. 

Jan 25 2017 09:54 PM

It's a fixer - you run it if you're running a lot of modified dice because they are otherwise good cards. E.g. decks that run Rey but don't run a lot of other melee damage, decks that run guns/jetpacks that might get normal dice removed. This is a cheap option that still lets those decks get benefit from their dice, even if it's slower.


The real challenge is working out whether your deck actually benefits enough from it to make it worth running. With the current card pool, it feels like it's probably only really worth it in Han/Rey style decks. But that could change as the game goes on (Chirrut feels like he's going to want this around for sure).

I think its best use is to get resources from resource modifiers on datapad/comlink, etc. 

Because you prefer character dice to generate damage or discard, not resources. 

Currently I do not see reason to run this card if you have such an option.