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Award Ceremony

Award Ceremony

Award Ceremony

Type: Event
Cost: 1
Spot a Red character to draw cards equal to the number of exhausted characters you have.
Side: Neutral
Color: Red
Rarity: Common
Number: 138
Illustrator: Cristi Balanescu
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Dec 03 2016 12:23 AM
Card draw is great but it just helps you cycle your deck early. If your characters are already exhausted then you are probably claiming the battlefield anyways

Right, a lot of cheap effects (and you need cheap effects to synergise with any card draw) are about dice removal or control anyway, and it'll probably be too late in the turn to exercise them.


Still, I think this can be used reasonably effectively in a deck that stacks a lot of cheap defensive effects. I'm thinking three-colour decks for the card pool, along with Boundless Ambition OR Don't Get Cocky, and no intention in the slightest of claiming battlefields. I can't seem to get that build quite where I want it right now, but I think this deck will exist in the future.

One thing this can be useful for is drawing some cards after you've activated dice, but before you've resolved dice so you can have some cards in hand to possibly discard to reroll. Even if you've played several cards, or the cards you're holding are ones you don't want to discard, you can make sure to have more options on what to discard for a reroll.