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Type: Support
Cost: 1
[Special] - Reroll this die and one of your other dice. Do not remove this die from your pool after resolving this ability.
<span style="">“Orange and white: one of a kind.” – Poe Dameron</span>
Side: Hero
Color: Gray
Rarity: Rare
Number: 43
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Dec 03 2016 12:26 AM
BB-8 is a pretty great card but I hate getting him in packs ;)
Dec 15 2016 07:51 PM

Good card to add to any deck short on resource generation or dice modification.  Uniqueness makes it difficult to run more than a single copy.  

I'm hoping that someone can explain this card to me in detail. I am new to the game and this cards special confused my wife and I during our first game. What good does it do to leave this die in your pool after resolving this ability?

Normally when you resolve a die, you remove it. For example, if BB-8's die is showing one resource and you resolve it, you take the die out of the dice pool, put it back on your BB-8 card and collect one resource. However, with BB-8's special, you get to reroll one of your other dice and BB-8's die and you keep both dice in your dice pool. If you hit BB-8's special again, you can use it again (although you have to wait until your next turn because there's a special rule stopping you from resolving the same die more than once a turn ... to prevent potential loops). Hope that makes sense.