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First Order Defector

Type: Character
Health: 10
Point Values: 13 /16
You can attach any weapon to this character, ignoring play restrictions.
You can include Red Villain weapons and vehicles in your deck.
“I’m not going back.”
Side: Hero
Color: Yellow
Rarity: Fixed
Number: 45
Illustrator: Darren Tan
Want to build a deck using this card? Check out the Star Wars Destiny Deck Builder!


Dec 19 2016 04:00 PM

I can't see a good deck including this guy. His cost structure is just terrible.

Dec 19 2016 08:54 PM

His dice, health, and cost are similar to Jango Fett's, but with a currently much lesser ability.  However, there is major potential that he will become a major part of the meta if future red villain vehicles/weapons are introduced to the game.  

    • Kalidor likes this

I won't claim it's 'good' but I'm using him with elite Leia to get me access to more red dice with ranged damage for big It's a Trap! burst damage. So far it's fared ok. 


I think he's priced the way he is because he flat-out breaks the deckbuilding rules of the game, not to mention the ability to take any weapon regardless of restrictions (which may become increasingly relevant as the cardpool grows). Three black damage faces is pretty good too ... it's only the mix of damage types that kind of puts me off.

I'm guessing there will be more support for hybrid damage decks in the future, which would make Finn quite interesting.

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His card says you can attach any weapon to this character, making me think you can only attach them to Finn. But it also says that you can include red villains weapons and vehicles in your deck. So does that mean you can also attach a red villain weapon/vehicle to your other non-Finn characters as long as Finn is one of your characters? 

The vast majority of upgrade cards don't have play restrictions. For example, the F-11D Rifle has no play restriction. It can be played on any character. But you can't include it in you deck unless you have a villain deck with a red character in it ... UNLESS you have Finn. Finn breaks that rule. Unless there are words on a red villain weapon upgrade (which have been included in your deck through Finn's ability) that prevents you playing it on any character, then you can put it on characters other than Finn. 

Vehicles are supports, so they aren't relevant to this. 


Importantly, the first part of Finn's ability goes beyond red villain weapons. He can take ANY weapon. The most obvious, relevant example is Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber (which is blue character only). Finn can swing that laser stick.