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Why Lorien guide? Is this made to go with a Celeborn deck?
Feb 16 2015 06:18 PM

Lorien Guide was just there because I wanted to fill a 3 cost slot and the ability to auto progress was nice.  It was a card that could be paid for outright or cheated in if there wasn't a better option in hand.   After a few uses of this deck however, I have since taken all 3 out as well as all 3 of the Booming Ents and a copy Treebeard.   Put in 3 of the Ethir Swordsman (spirit Outlands), 1x Arwen, Landroval, Erestor and Damrod.


I did also take out Flame of Anor completely.    I tend to never engage anything if I can help it, and even if I did, I didn't need this event to kill it.   So I've switched it out for 2 copies of Elrond's Counsel and 1x of Power of Orthanc.


Adding in Counsel and Damrod gave me 3 other ways of reducing my threat some - other than maintaining it with Galadriel. 


Depending on if I'm playing with another Leadership deck or not, I will likely trade Erestor and Faramir out for something.  My most obvious choices are:

Denethor, Descendant of Thorondor, Elfhelm, Gwaihir or a Longbeard Orc Slayer.


One thing I hadn't considered until just now is that the Vilya lets you put any card into play, so I could also push in a copy of Path of Need, Citadel Plate, Resourceful, Grim Resolve or Light the Beacons!

To get those attachments out fast use the Master of the Forge. With him and the other pieces you have in place, this deck is a beast.

Mar 19 2015 06:07 PM

indeed!   I overlooked him before because he was still in another deck.  He's been added to the list as well as 1x of Will of the West due to how often I've drawn through the entire deck.


Path of Need has become an absolute beast of a card and I dropped the Ents entirely to get that dwarf that can get attachments back.

Point taken regarding Path of Need, particularly with location heavy quests. I've been working through the Heirs of Nemenor quests with this deck and it works really well, just a few tweaks particularly when it comes to battle and siege questing but on the whole the deck has this uncanny ability to keep the encounter deck under control and is just so versatile. I haven't attempted too many nightmare decks yet with it, but that's the next step, have you had any quests beat it yet?

Mar 23 2015 02:30 PM

I don't remember the name of the quest, but ones with a lot of ambush can be exceptionally challenging due to the high initial threat.  Between setup and first turn, it's easy to get a little overwhelmed with engaged enemies.


My favorite thing about Path of Need is being able to put it into play with Vilya after I've traved to a location.  Then I don't exhaust to attack or defend, and next round I don't exhaust to commit to the quest.

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Add gather information for when the attachments don't show

Used the same deck a while ago, but all the attachments drove me crazy.  Either you add 1 to 2 two copies of each( and have to wait for them to pop up) or add all 3 and waste a ton off deck space.  Becuase of the way you have set it up, you have very little room for events.  Now thats not alltogether bad, but after using a deck almost exactly the same as yours i left it behind for a deck where almost all the cards were used.  Protector of lorien does help a little, but it still feels terrible( for me at least) to have all those unplayable cards.  Congrats any ways for being the next to discver the same terrific trio.  Check out my new deck and give me feedback.  Its called FOR THE NASTY NIGHTMARES.  THANKS.