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Enslave the World

Enslave the World
Type: Quest
Race: Dark Elf Cost: 2 Loyalty: 3
Quest. Action: Put 1 resource token on this card at the beginning of your turn if a unit is questing here.
Quest. Action: Remove resource tokens from this card equal to the number of units in target opponent's discard pile. If you do, put all units in that opponent’s discard pile into play in any of your zones (you may split them up), corrupted. Then, sacrifice this card.
Card Set: RD Card Number: 19
Card Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Games Workshop Ltd


Have had this used against me once already. Very nasty card.
Seems like it's waaaay to expensive for what it does. I assume a unit won't stay in play for more than two turns. I like the idea of it but it seems too restrictive.

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