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20130312 - dark elf - mill

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    Quite a bit I like about this deck. Reminds me of some old Magic decks in a way (discard Lord of Tzeentch, Raise him into play). Have you given this a try yet? I've not tried something like this in game, would love to hear how it performs.

    I don't see the Lord of Change getting into play very easily.  There's no way to get him into the discard pile other than Naggarond Forge, and there's no way to get him out of the discard pile other than Raise Dead.  I'd like to see a back-up for one, if not both, of these cards.  Otherwise, the LoC is probably going to be development fodder more often than not.


    On the plus side, the LoC + Barbed Snares combo is very nice.  I might make room for Sacred Cauldron too.  If you can get all 3 on the table, you've probably just succeeded in milling your opponent's whole deck.