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Dwarf trial deck

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    You generally want to get as close to 50 cards in your deck as possible, because it makes your deck more reliable (general advice for any card game). With that said there are some easy cards to remove here.

    I think Bordertown is a very weak card, I'd get rid of it for sure. Boar Attack also won't be terribly useful for you, I don't think.

    You have a few cards that generate resources for activities on your opponent's turn (Veteran Thunderers, Band Together, Wealth of the Hold). Having them there to provide resources to run your tactics is okay, but I would suggest either dropping some of them (I'd recommend the Veteran Thunderers to start) OR add cards in there to take advantage of it (King Alrik or Horn Hold Defender from the Ruinous Horde back would be a good start).

    Finally, this deck is going in a lot of different directions. You're buffing your units, healing damage, hoping to benefit from your burned zones (Grombrindal), and doing work to keep your Dwarfs in play or in use (Stand your Ground, Reclaim the Hold). I think you should look at what you want this deck to do, and drop a few cards that don't fit that strategy.
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