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Emperor's Finest

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    I like what you're doing with this deck. Powerful card drawing and replacing back into the deck. I'm curious if you've played it much and how well it does.

    I'd think I would splash in some Elf healing cards or Dwarf toughness cards given your Friedrich Hero. But I suppose you'd just put them back on the bottom of your deck and redraw them anyway. Nice.

    I'd be interested to see if Friedrick would be better than Werner for the Protect the Empire quest.

    Emperor's Finest

    Total Cards: 57

    I think that there are too many cards. Too slow deck.
    It is a bit weighty but with enough draw power you can speed through these chunky decks. It would be interesting to see how its fared against the likes of Dark Elves. I suspect that the draw is countered by the cards being immediately dropped into the discard pile.

    Big hitters making it to table would be a threat of course.