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    Whew, that's a lot of cards! You'll want to trim this down, to start. I'm guessing you have a limited cardpool to choose from (AoU, Core, and only a few of the Battle Packs). There are plenty of cards to add and buy, but a good start would be trimming some of the less useful stuff.

    To start, which board are you going to use? I'd think it would have to be Dark Elves, otherwise Lokhir is going to be damn near impossible to play.

    First, drop the Orc/Dark Elf alliance. Those cards are next to useless. Depend on your other orcs played to do the job for you.

    Also Da Brainbursta! and Your Will is Mine (and all the 10 cost epic spells) aren't worth your time either. Yeah, great effects, all of them, but too expensive. In addition, they can be canceled so easily, why spend all those resources for that?

    Banna of Da Red Sunz isn't that good, too slow to be useufl, imo. Contested Stronghold would be a worthwhile drop as well.

    I've found what, 6 cards to drop? That leaves another seven. I'd certainly focus on the Tactics and Supports, play some games, and see which ones don't get used a lot. Favour of Mork is a fairly weak card, for example, but some of these certainly aren't (Chillwind is a great card, for instance). I'd focus first on trimming this deck down, THEN worrying about what to change to make it better.