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Orc Trial Deck

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    Alright! An Orc damaged deck! I love it already.

    Let's look at some things we can do to improve this.

    First, you'll want more than one Scrap Heap. If you're going to depend on your units being damaged, there's no reason not to give them all the ability to be damaged that you can.

    You really want to cut your deck down to 50 cards, because it'll make your deck more reliable. I'm sure you've heard that before, but when you consider that you're running 2 copies of multiple cards in your deck, it becomes even more true. Azhag may be a pretty sweet card (if you can afford him ever, eesh), but if you never draw him, he's going to be worthless.

    I don't think Prepare for War is that good in this deck. You may as well drop it- you're not going to want to leave your Orcs sitting there questing if you can help it.

    I don't think Contested Fortress is so good either. You'll want to be on the offensive, hoping to kill your opponent before he can damage you enough, not worrying about the meager amounts of damage he gives back to you.

    Watchtower is also a little weak. Replacing them with a contested village and maybe a single Warpstone Excavation (you aren't running any other restricted card, after all) might be an option, since you'll need the extra resource generation.

    You probably don't need Armed to Da Teef. You have a lot of Attachments, sure, but they aren't your primary means of dealing damage. I might try reducing them some.

    Those are just my first blush thoughts. Have you tried running this deck? Have you found it to play well?