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Repulsor Minefield

Repulsor Minefield

Repulsor Minefield

Type: Attachment
Faction: Orks
Cost: 3
Shields: 1
Traits: Upgrade.

Deep Strike (2) (Deploy this card facedown for 1[Resource]. When a battle begins, you may pay this card’s Deep Strike value to turn it faceup.)
Attach to a planet.
Forced Reaction: After an army unit is declared as an attacker at this planet, deal it 1 damage.

Set: Against the Great Enemy Number: 97 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Stephen Chang
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Sep 12 2016 05:44 PM

Cardgame text on this conflicts with actual text on card. Deep Strike value is 1 not 2.

Cardgame text on this conflicts with actual text on card. Deep Strike value is 1 not 2.


Also Cost is 2, and not 3

Hmmm. Zarathur likes this card.

Nazdreg too, since the damage that lands will immediately boost Brutal

Hell even Ku'gath would like this since it would trigger before his move damage effect would trigger, meaning he would be able to immediately heal himself up afterwards

This has got me thinking. This + Satherial + The Princes Might might make 'idden Base worth running in Ku'gath? Although I doubt it's better than taking Gut and Pillage

It doesn't trigger for Ku'gath... It's "army unit", but Zogwort might find it useful since it leaves his snotlings alone, unlike Rok.

Good catch on the army unit condition, read it quickly. Good catch for Zogwort too, and by extension Coteaz.

For the Ork warlords, this can be pretty devastating when combined with a Rok Bombardment on a Red planet. Sure anything with more than 1 hp will still swing, but it'll be taking 2 damage each time it tries.

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No Khymera hate, no interest.