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Run Down

Run Down

Run Down

Type: Event
Faction: Dark Eldar
Cost: -
Shields: 1
Traits: Tactic.

Deep Strike (0) (Deploy this card facedown for 1[Resource]. When a battle begins, you may pay this card’s Deep Strike value to turn it faceup.)
Reaction: After you Deep Strike this event, target a non-Elite army unit in your opponent’s HQ. Move the targeted unit to this planet.

Set: Searching for Truth Number: 80 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Dimitri Bielak
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Aug 15 2016 07:40 PM

Ok guys, this is really intriguing. I don't know if it's any good, but it's interesting for sure. 


First thing that comes to mind: target an exhausted unit you know you can kill. But is that really worth 1C1R + committing to a planet? Units in the warlord train are generally not that useful anyway. 


Possible good targets could be:


4 cost units in general, especially Front Line 'Ard Boyz

Captain Markis

Flash Gitz

Fire Warrior Elite

Fireblade Kais'Vre

Experimental Devilfish

VPs, RTs, Survivalists etc. (?)


I guess it can be quite good, but seems very situational to me. I'd like the effect to be really awesome when it works, especially if it's just a single shield. Maybe I'm missing the point.
You guys have better ideas?
Aug 15 2016 09:07 PM

I'm not a fan of this card, that said, here are my thoughts:


I can think of 3 triggers:


1. Battle at planet 1, you send your warlord to a different planet where this is deepstrike and use it to mop up one of the survivors

2. Battle at planet 1, opponent goes to this planet instead with warlord and you trigger to pull a threatening unit down the planet line.


In both of those situations opponent will need to win planet 1 with a unit remaining for it to trigger.  That makes bullet 2 a bit low in likelihood IMO.


3. Opponent unit is routed at a planet due to Terror or Ferrin or other ability (e.g ethereal) and you or opponent sent warlord to this planet.


Biggest drawback is that it must be triggered by a battle starting at planet and it is useless at planet 1 (unless you route further down line pre-battle) so you are gambling on unit being available in HQ post-trigger.  If opponent knows you are playing it becomes a red flag on your commit plans.  Also, for it to really have impact you need to destroy the unit in first combat round, otherwise they can just retreat again.


In terms of use:

1. Pick off trouble units (such as AOE units in terms of Kith)

2. Pick off elite groupies that protect elites from card effects (because you can't pull in an elite)

3. A more controlled set up of Holding Cell - you can effectively move a desired unit to the planet and pick it off.  As janky as holding cell is, i think this is the best use case for this card because it synchs with your own deck strategy (versus including the card as a possible response to opponent's deck)

4. Kugath to pull units into a planet so that they take damage from nurglings

5. Paired with defense battery


Difficult to use for these unless opponent triggers and thus unit stays alive at planet into next phases:

1. Warp Rift, Warpstorm or Turbulent Rift set up

2. Fetid Haze set up


Finally, doesn't seem much like an Eldar card.  Eldar wants units in HQ where they are exhausted the longest or set up for Doom.

Also possible to move a troublesome unit that just won on first planet like BAV to a planet far away to keep it out of sight. Only trouble is you gotta deal with it then.

Use with Blood Rain Tempest - initiate a battle at planet 5, and move one of their guys at planet 1 there!

Or, if you are bullying planet 1 and striking first with a big guy, move a squishy unit (or long term pain like Cardinis) there so you can kill it. 1R1C to kill a card and set up a bigger PFP seems legit.

Edit - and now having read the card I see the unit has to be at HQ not any planet. Which makes it a lot weaker. Pulling a big guy who bullied planet 1 to planet 5 seems about best.

It doesn't work when your opponents units are not in hq yet. So you need to trigger this after a battle has already taken place.

Aug 16 2016 06:10 PM
Think this card's merit is reasonably dependent on the flop: if the early planets match up and it looks like you won't make it to 5/6/7, then sending a a troublesome unit to the end could make a real difference if they're locked in long-term. Using some Defence Batteries and multiples of this to create a penal world is an amusing thought...

Seems like Urien style ;-)