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Flesh Hooks

Flesh Hooks

Flesh Hooks

Type: Attachment
Faction: Tyranids
Cost: 1
Shields: 1
Traits: Wargear. Biomorph.

Deep Strike (1) (Deploy this card facedown for 1[Resource]. When a battle begins, you may pay this card’s Deep Strike value to turn it faceup.)
Attach to an enemy army unit with printed cost 2 or lower.
Attached unit cannot be readied.

Set: Slash and Burn Number: 63 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Alex Brock
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Aug 04 2016 02:43 AM
A Deep Strike card that is cheaper to play normally.

Hard to imagine finding space for it in deck.

A Deep Strike card that is cheaper to play normally post-Great Devourer Tyranid card.

Hard to imagine finding space for it in deck.


Fixed that for you. ;)

I am trying to find an angle on this card.  I am just not seeing it.  A card slot ambush card to keep those pesky 2 cost units from being readied.

Possibly the worst card yet for tyranids.

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Meh. You never deep strike it, you play it for 1 at a unit at headquarters. Snakebite, warlock, anxious inf, etc will never ready/attack again. There are worse cards...
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I agree with Grimbo. I don't think this card is as bad as it might seem at face value; imagine having the ability to ensure a unit never readies again, unless met with an Ecstatic Seizures or a Subdual, say, a Gun Drones-voltroned up Vior'la Marksman or Ethereal Envoy, or the units listed above + some of the warlord groupies.


Could be worse, especially if we see some new 2-cost power card a la' Anxious Infantry Platoon for a faction at some point in the game..

As the only Deep Strike card released so far to have a Deep Strike cost that's greater than its normal play cost, there must be a reason (other than, you know, "LOL screw the Tyranids anyway"). Tyranids are very bad at the deploy phase (fewer cards/resources and not a lot of deploy stall options), so Deep Striking this card does guarantee that your opponent cannot deploy stall you into wasting it. And "never readies" is admittedly a strong effect, but since it's limited to 2-costers it's not that strong (plus if you Deep Strike you spend 1C2R to cancel out their 1C2R, which for a faction who is often hurting for cards is...not great).


However, is guaranteeing that you'll hit the nastiest 2-coster on the board at the start of the battle really worth 1 extra resource? In most cases, probably not. If this card were Deep Strike (0) there'd be no reason to ever play it normally (due to the avoidance of getting deploy stalled into a sub-optimal assignment). If it hit 3-costers, it would totally be worth paying extra to ensure that you nailed their late-deployed BAV. Heck, if it had two shields it would be worth playing it instead of Spore Burst, since at least it's not tied to infestation. But as is? Probably not going to see a lot of play.

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Hey there again people...I will try not to enrage this time but man FFG is starting to get on my nerves.Once again Tyranids get a negative special treatment...The ONLY deepstrike card that has more cost to deepstrike it that play it normally!!! One shield and only targets 2 cost and less units...Why even print it...Why even bother , just skip it don't give us any cards.


Fixed that for you.

Yeap 90% of post Delux cards are junk. (Not even bothering with the preconstructed genestealer deck they gave us and then stoped printing any cards to improve it furher).


Once again FFG shows no intention to help the Tyranid faction. Who knows maybe the playtesters have discovered an uber T1 deck that destroys everything else. Maybe all we tyranids players are just noobs that complain with no reason...

Or maybe they should just fir every single person involved with the tyranid faction and get on with it.

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There will be more deepstrike cards coming for Tyranids. I think it is better to keep the flaming after the whole cycle has been released. Then we can judge.

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There will be more deepstrike cards coming for Tyranids. I think it is better to keep the flaming after the whole cycle has been released. Then we can judge.

Well we got like 3 more pack remaining so officially 50% of tyranid cards this cycle are like from bad to medium at best.

If your local gaming group only ever play Worr or Shadowsun then definitely worth running 3x copies. But otherwise... Neutralising a powerful 2-coster is not to be sneezed at, but this would have been so much better as an Ambush rather than deep-strike option. I agree we need to wait until the full cycle before passing absolute judgment, but when you consider the Chaos equivalent (The Prince's Might) there's just no comparison.
Sep 23 2016 02:21 PM

There will be more deepstrike cards coming for Tyranids. I think it is better to keep the flaming after the whole cycle has been released. Then we can judge.


With the game coming to an end, that is very unlikely unless we are getting an Uber DS L337 tech.


I am sure most of you are tired of hearing complaints from Desseas and me but this card perfectly summarizes the kind of injustice Nids have been getting since The Great Devourer.  Aside from a few decent cards like Ymgarl Factor (how that got by Brad without nerfs is a miracle) Nids have been shafted for the most part.  I can balance all the Nids cards that's been released right now and I guarantee you Nids will not be OP at all, but merely on par with everyone else.  


I am done venting and my take on Flesh Hook?  It's worth less than the paper it's printed on. 

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