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Fungal Turf

Fungal Turf

Fungal Turf

Type: Support
Faction: Orks
Cost: 2
Signature/Loyalty: Loyal Icon
Traits: Location.

Headquarters Action: Sacrifice this support to put X Snotling tokens into play divided among any number of planets. X is the highest printed cost among units you control.

Set: The Warp Unleashed Number: 120 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Grzegorz Bobrowski
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hmmm, Headquarters Action

Oct 03 2016 05:58 PM

Eight snotlings!!!!

Oct 03 2016 06:32 PM

When does Zogwort blow up his snots?

He blows them up after the combat phase

Swarm for Nazdreg elites!

Lots of ablative HP for Smasha Gun decks.
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Awesome! Even for Gorzod! Battle cry just got better!

So basically, to be better than Snotling Attack you need a 5-coster out, and even then the timing is kind of unfavourable.


Naa. I love the concept, but this is not a good card.

Eight snotlings!!!!


It's loyal. The most you could get out is 7, and the 7 cost elites available to Ork decks are not very good

It's loyal. The most you could get out is 7, and the 7 cost elites available to Ork decks are not very good

Squiggoth is awesome, and 6 snotlings should be enough.

Oct 06 2016 11:40 PM

Heard that it was originally not an HQ action but an action. Of course, FFG could not let that stand and nerfed it.

Five plus Snotlings at action speed would be pretty abusive.

While the timing is unfavorable, it compares nicely with Snotling Attack, which is a Deploy Action. This one sits around. It's not unlikely that you have your Snotling Attack and other cards you want to play, but you need to hold off on some money for that potential next turn Elite or a crucial event.


If you're running a tight economy, being able to drop the Fungal Turf now, gain some money and some cards, and know you have one or more turns before you have to drop your snotlings somewhere means you can be more aggressive with the cards in your hand.


It might not be a "5/5 always include", but it's got potential.

Deploy action would've been fair IMO. You're trading the shield for an additional Snotling or two (and a deploy stall, but at the same time giving your opponent the chance to destroy it), which sounds reasonable. Probably still a slightly worse card than SA but not bad.

Unless you're running a super janky Nazdreg deck that relies on there being a lot of supports in play and is running Infantry Conscripts, I'd say that 6 is the minimum required to make this a better play than a Snotling Attack, given the timing, potential to be destroyed and lack of a shield. This would have been great in Ku'gath, for example, but it's a shame that the 7 cost elites that the Orks do have aren't that good. I think it would have been too strong if it was just a straight up action, but I think it should have either have been a Deploy action or "X+1" Snotlings.

One thing that is nice, however, is that if you manage to trigger Y'varn between playing this and using it you can boost up the number of Snotlings that you'd be dropping in, although it might be an awfully predictable where you'd be committing in that case

Still, nice synergy with Sickening Helbrute. Doesn't make it a good card, but still a nice play.

Still, nice synergy with Sickening Helbrute. Doesn't make it a good card, but still a nice play.


Don't forget the Ancient Keeper of Secrets and the Salvaged Battlewagon!


As I said, the 7 cost elites aren't good :)

Is there a synergy with those that I'm missing?


I meant that Helbrute's abilty synergises with swarms of snotlings.

I think Kaloo meant that both the Ancient Keeper and the Battlewagon are just as crappy as the Helbrute (seems to be)  :)

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As I said, the 7 cost elites aren't good :)

In all seriousness, I suppose that the Helbrute does have some synergy with a swarm of little hitters since it effectively boosts their attacks by 1, but the Helbrute is a bad card for so many scenarios that it's just not worth trying to go for that combo, especially it's potentially easily dealt with by using some really common cards (Warpstorm, Plauge Beast, DDS, Atrox, AoE units etc), or just killing the easier to kill Helbrute.

So is that why ppl don't play Snotling Attack anymore ? Oh wait ...