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Noxious Fleshborer

Noxious Fleshborer

Noxious Fleshborer

Type: Attachment
Faction: Tyranids
Cost: 1
Shields: 1
Traits: Wargear. Symbiote.

Attach to an army unit.
Attached unit gets +1 ATK and +1 HP while it is at an infested planet.
Reaction: After you win a command struggle at this planet, infest it.

Set: The Great Devourer Number: 41 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Alexandr Elichev
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Fleshborer was incredible last game attached to a Gargoyle. Infestation of the planets was easily done by Scything Hormagaunts, Predation, and Venomthropes, laying ground for two harpies to seal the deal in advance.

If you put fleshborer on a venomthrope , that infests the planet first, then gets you one more resource/card as the next reaction. It doesn't even need to be on venomthrope, might as well sit there on a gargoyle waiting to jump into action. Great synergy

The bit about putting it on a venomthrope has been asked and answered already, and unfortunately you're mistaken. Venomthrope says if the planet was ALREADY infested, so the planet must have been infested prior to you winning a command struggle there.

That is , a pity ...

It seems FFG is very careful to circumvent synergies.  Which adds to the dissapointment

Regardless of the venomthrope (which is still a solid card) the idea of putting this on the gargoyles sounds brilliant. I think as more stuff comes out that makes a focus on infestation viable this card will see a ton of play.

Sokhar, what you are saying means that when if the unit arrives at a non-infested planet and uses a spell to infest it mid combat, the unit wont get the +1+1?

ultimate: No. Sokhar's comment is strictly limited to the what does and doesn't satisfy the triggering conditions for Toxic Venomthrope. The continuous effect of this card doesn't care when or how the planet was infested.

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