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Savage Warrior Prime

Savage Warrior Prime

Savage Warrior Prime

Type: Army Unit
Faction: Tyranids
Cost: ---
Attack Value: 2
Hit Points: 5
Command Icons:
Signature/Loyalty: ---
Traits: Creature. Leviathan.Elite.

This unit must commit to a different planet than your warlord, if able.
While checking for a battle and determining initiative at this planet, this unit is considered to be a warlord, unless an enemy warlord is at this planet

Set: The Great Devourer Number: 11 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Guillaume Ducos
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5/5 Definitely my favorite of all the Synapse.  This allows you start an additional battle which can help eliminate the pesky command 1/1's that many factions throw out AND you can fire off another Battle Ability.  

Personally, SWP is the only synapse unit I think is worth using for either Tyranid warlord currently. 

Not a Lictor fan then?

I think it's the only one that is good with *both* of them. Tervigon is fine with Swarmlord, it's just a totally different deck to the SWP version. Polluter is fine with OOE, but again it's a different deck to to the SWP one.

Although, having said that, actually Lictor is also viable with both, though I don't really like it for OOE myself.

Polluter is actually not bad with the Swarmlord either.  I used to play a deck that revolved around the Swarmlord and the Polluter with Mycetic Spores and Hunting Gargoyles to move all over the place and fight where I wanted to fight.  It really wasn't a bad deck, it's just not easy to play. 


And the Tervigon can be used in OOE too, as I think Asklepios has experimented with.  It's not one of my preferred team ups, but if you wanted to do an OOE backed by tokens, that'd be the way to do it.


And why does everyone neglect the Blazer when doing Syn unit analysis?   It hurts his feelings...

SWP and Lictor are obviously good in that they're quite versatile and are pretty safe choices overall.


Polluter, in my mind, has the potential to be the best synapse, but it's definitely in the harder end of the spectrum to play, and might simply require more cost-efficient units for the Nids' to really shine.


I'm not a fan of Tervigon, especially when going OOE, but it definitely opens up some new paths and allows to use some cards that would normally be playable with Swarmlord only (ex: Clogged with Corpses).


The Blazing Zoanthrope is actually my favorite synapse, but it just doesn't feel like a worthy pick with how hard is it to infest and keep planets infested. Still a decent alternative in that it ties command with the 1-cost cappers, and then either destroys them or forces the opponent to burn a shield. Not bad by any means. 

I'd be interested in seeing the swarm polluter list if you're willing to share, Koz. I thought about trying that out, but decided it would require a lot of setup to really shine and wanted to try other builds in the end. I like the Blazer, though suspect Omega will be where he really clicks.
Feb 12 2016 01:17 PM

Does the SWP's quasi-warlord status render the SWP immune to Tzeentch's Firestorm or Ferrin's Rout ability which target's non-warlord units?

Does the SWP's quasi-warlord status render the SWP immune to Tzeentch's Firestorm or Ferrin's Rout ability which target's non-warlord units?


No, it's not immune.

Those cards specify "non-warlord unit". For now, we have 4 types of units: army, warlord, token and synapse. SWP is one of the synapse type and therefor not a warlord unit which lead to it being not immune to Tzeentch's Firestorm or Ferrin.


Do not confuse the mentioning of the warlord trait in the text with actually HAVING the warlord type. Yes, SWP is considered as a WL, but only if it comes to check planets to see if there is a battle...so it's not a WL by any means. (Also, take a look at Baarstool's sig support...it's kind of the same effect IMO)

Yeah, I played a game where Ferrin was early and opponent sent SWP downstream.  Was able to really nerf his ability by simply routing him 2 turns in a row.  Good times.