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Ammo Depot

Ammo Depot

Ammo Depot

Type: Support
Faction: Orks
Cost: 1
Traits: Location.

Action: Exhaust this support to draw 1 card if you have 3 or fewer cards in your hand.
Orks don't organize their ammunition; they just throw it on the pile.

Set: Gift of the Ethereals Number: 58 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Justin Adams
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Can be a great Support card once you can get your hand down to 3 cards, good for certain aggressive decks altough it does nothing if your running very much ahead.


Still remains a very powerfull 'counter' to any Choke deck. As such:



This is the strongest card of the pack, in my opinion. Yes, you have to build around it a little, but both AM and Orks are well sorted to building around this, especially the former.

Orks suffer from card advantage so this card is a much needed effect to bring them up in tier for sure.

Biggest problem with this card is drawing the damn thing in the first place...

Im sure a swarm deck would be great, focusing more on resource gathering that card draw and using multiples of this support to chew throught it

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While the obvious benefits are awesome, this is also good for stalling in the deploy phase.  If you are playing a very cheap swarm deck, you can use this to stall a bit so you can make the optimal decisions.  Great card.

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Feb 23 2015 11:18 AM

How many of  this support do I have to play? 2 or 3? #ASKlepios

Well, I am not Asklepios, but for what its worth I say 3.

I'd rather draw this early and risk having all 3 in my hand a once (2 isn't a problem usually) compared to drawing it later in the game.
Feb 23 2015 01:10 PM

Ahahah don't worry your opinion is good, it was a joke made by killax the ASKlepios ashtag.


I was thinking about 3 too, I just wanted to collect opinion by other guys who already played it.

Three for sure, says Lepios. :)


Seriously, in my current games that run this card, it comes down to: do I draw this card in turn 1? If so, probably won. If not, going to be a struggle.

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Man, combine this with the frequent use of shields and you'll be drawing a lot of cards over the course of a game. Good stuff!

Jul 23 2015 08:15 AM

after 4 months, I have to tell, this card is really overrated and... well... I don't use it anymore.


bye bye sweet friend


rate 2/5

Don't like?! Blimey. The amount of times it's come up trumps for me just when I needed it, be it a shielding card produced just in time, or an Elysian Assault team arriving just when I want it, or its a decent deployment delay, or just the mere fact its a guaranteed extra card draw ensuring you're never dry. Works for me anyway, at least 2 of them.

Well, its changed in use. When it was released, the meta was very different, and the card slots less competed before. It was very much an excellently strong card at that time.


Now there's a lot of good supports, and more 2-shield options across the three factions that can use it. Its become less applicable.


For AM decks, both Straken and Coteaz, I have also stopped using it. While I like its deck-shrinking effect, I'd rather have a card and a resource now than 2-3 cards later. Once we've kicked off with Catachan Outpost, and then thought about Inquisitorial Fortress and Staging Ground, we get to the point of Support bloat, and have to leave out the Depots or start cutting into Event space, which isn't desirable.


For Orks, I've also dropped it, because Sig support, Tellyporta Pad and KFG at 2 each makes 5 supports, and anything beyond 5 supports is again competing for Event space. If we want Ork Kannon or Mork's Great Heap, we got to choose.


For Ku'gath, I've never used it, as I've always felt DE is the alliance of choice for Ku'gath.


However, 3x Ammo Depot remains a staple of my Zarathur deck, even though I still run 11 events, 4 attachments and 3 Ork Kannon as well. The squeeze has come at cost of Army Units, which is now down to 28 from my initial 31. I do look at those card slots and wonder if there's a better card for them, but fact is it remains a key part of the deck engine and the way the deck works.


For this card's key role in my Zarathur deck, I can't call it a 2/5. However I agree, the meta has changed. To me, its not that the card is over-rated, its just that options have increased and strong stuff has appeared since its release.

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I still like it for Coteaz - it just adds consistency to the deck by effectively shrinking it, and if you get an early one it allows you to spam the swarm without running out of cards. In low cost decks you often get the card back instantly so it basically costs you the 1R, and then in future turns you profit.

Good points, though unless you can use it on the turn you get it, it can give a tempo delay. I find that even with 8R, getting down to from 8 cards to 3 on turn 1 is harder for Coteaz than getting from 7 to 3 in Zarathur. Unless you're running a 1R or lower average cost per card, its hard for Coteaz to achieve that.


Zarathur has Promise to Glory, Infernal Gateway and SPA as well to further shrink the hand quickly, and its a rare game with Zarathur that I don't get at least three uses out of a turn 1 Depot, and rare as well not to be able to use Depot on the turn I play it.


Coteaz, meanwhile, even in a swarm build will tend to have a cost of about 1.5R per unit or support on average. In practical experience, I find Coteaz with Depot on turn 1 is about 70% likely to be able to use it compared to Zarathur's 95%, and will find that I tend to get 2-3 plays out of a turn 1 depot rather than 3-5.